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Fresh Start...

Not a huge fan of introductions so Ima just go ahead and refer you to the about page if your so inclined to know more with out really knowing anything.. 304 more words


New House-New Room

I finally after 11 years have my own room and I am LOVING it. I finally have my own space and its great because I can finally blog more and also read ALOT more and that will be done once I can see better out my right eye because I currently have inflamed retina and its extremely painful but I am managing to adjust to it just in case it is to happen again, I am due to have a brain scan soon to go into depth with why it was triggered and hopefully it wont happen again but they said not to be too positive until we find out what the trigger was. 139 more words

Renovations so far

Renovating so far has been fun! Already a bit stressful and we haven’t done too much but it’s rewarding to finish a room!

When we moved into the house it smelled horrible because God knows how many animals were living in the house before. 955 more words

14 Signs You're a Communications Major

1.  You know COM 107/117 are not just courses, but are important milestones all initiates (first years) must endure to become “one of us”.

2. Your “campus celebrities” aren’t the school athletes, but are people like Professor Giglio who has done screenwriting and production work on major films like “Noah” and Walt Disney’s “Tarzan”. 223 more words

Communications Major

We've Moved!

Surprise! We’ve moved! Again… 2nd time in 4 months.. So that was the big change that was happening.
This move has been a fresh start for me and for the family. 239 more words


Moving Out: 1 year on

Hello Friends,

Apologies I missed my Wednesday upload last week, I had lots going on I just couldn’t keep up! All good things though, so I didn’t mind the little break. 1,672 more words


Trying to Spread My Wings and Leave The Nest

When I was a little girl, I used to be terrified of my own shadow. When I started nursery, I cried so much that my mum had to get a job in the nursery cooking our meals and becoming like an assistant just because I never wanted to leave her. 674 more words