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SIN Takes Down First Unbow City as Darth Darius' City of Gondor Falls

SIN has further added to its successful weekend of siege, successfully razing its first city in Newlands flying the new Unbow banner. SIN officials confirmed that Darth Darius’ city of Gondor, originally located in western Newlands, has been razed. 203 more words


SIN Surpasses 50th War Score Point, Launches Second Siege on Unbow's Darth Darius

SIN has surpassed the 50th point in the War Score Card scoring of the Newlands War II, with SIN’s Plathus getting the raze in what appears to have been a lightly contested battle. 252 more words


SIN Sets New Siege on SHARK's Longfeather in Newlands

SIN has initiated a new siege against SHARK in Newlands, all while the offshoot Unbow alliance continues to pick up members. The once top-ranked SHARK, now relegated to the 13th spot in alliance rankings, still maintains a toe-hold on the Newlands peninsula. 155 more words


SHOCK: 18 Members Leave SHARK To Form Unbow, Declare War on SIN

In the wake of SIN offering SHARK members amnesty over the weekend, 18 members of the once top-ranked alliance left under what appear to be to join a smaller alliance designed to take SIN on directly. 239 more words


SHARK Launches Counter-Offensive Against Newlands-based SIN Member

In the wake of its defeat at King A’s summer palace in the Newlands, the SHARK-VIC confederacy has launched what appears to be a counter-offensive to challenge SIN in both Fellandire and Newlands. 278 more words


Metagame Heating Up Over Pico's Abandoned Cities

Controversial Illyriad player Pico has continued to stoke controversy even after abandoning, with his multitude of cities prompting players in Elgea and the Broken Lands to make strategic moves to ensure their capture or destruction. 943 more words


King A Falls as SIN Racks Up 15th Successful Siege; SHARK Drops To Second

SIN has been successful in their second attempt at razing King A’s city in the Newlands, bringing the alliance’s total siege count in its war with SHARK and VIC to 15. 252 more words