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An email: 'My subconscious mind keeps reminding me of the initial nastiness, and fears that he is capable of that kind of behaviour.'

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Dear readers and IHM,

I am sure EVERYONE will be able to relate to my story. (at least some part of it). I will keep it as short as possible . 1,029 more words

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"He wants divorce. She wants to know what wrong she did to be treated this way, why he chose her, but repents his decision immediately after marriage."

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What do you think should she do? Also, why do you think did this man get married to her?

Should she have, even the right to deny him a ‘no fault divorce’?

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Can a woman marry and change an uninterested (in marrying her) man into a responsible, loving husband?

Starry and Giribala shared this link to the saddest story of 26-yr-old Asti Shekhar whose husband married her as a ‘sacrifice’ to ‘keep his parents happy’. 1,668 more words

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Newly Wed Wife's response to the comments.

Newly Wed Wife’s email in response the comments on An email from a Newly Wed Wife. “Now they don’t like me.”

Dear IHM,
I read all comments, many things came to my mind while I read them.

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An email from a Newly Wed Wife. "Now they don't like me."

This is what makes me wonder about the usefulness of the Indian Joint Family for the Indian daughter in law (and her family). The system clearly empowers those who have managed to have male children. 494 more words

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