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Must Stretch First ☺

Stretching before a workout is very important. Must do that before I get started on my yoga. I’m soo happy to be added as a new blogger for Neve. 190 more words

Cherry's Style



Twice now, we see
Thrice now, we move and try to be

a you, a me.

And then the walls came tumbling down.

In all this chaos, order may rise again… 27 more words

Thinking Out Loud


At the start of December I put a Christmas tree in a pot, hung lights and decorations on it and until today I loved that tree. 891 more words

Nothing Stopping Me ☺

Just because it’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean that I can stop working out. Nothing’s going to get in the way of me and a good workout so gym here I come!!!! 168 more words

Cherry's Style

Time To Head Out ☺

It’s about that time to head out the door. Get the day started. Let me turn around and go back and get my cup of joe then I’m headed to Sn@tch again. 125 more words

Cherry's Style

LeLuck Is On It ☺

LeLuck is on it today ladies. LeLuck i on top of its game with these new releases and I’m showing you them in this blog. LeLuck released not one but two items at the Anybody Event that opened up on the 7th of January The Eyebrow Set 2 and the Facemole Set 1 are hitting all the right spots on my face. 110 more words

Cherry's Style


For our first date, he took me to see the light show at the Los Angeles Zoo. I held his hand the entire time. It felt warm and safe there. 463 more words