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Black Mess

Black Mass (2015)
Dir: Scott Cooper

Slightly off topic, (mainly because there aren’t enough horror movies around to warrant an hour of thought), I’ve opted for Johnny Depp horrifying us all with his rotton front tooth and deeply dehydrated skin. 815 more words

Not About Zombies

Getting A Breathe Of Fresh Air With Bougie @ Phat Fashion ☺

The air is crisp, fresh, and clean today ladies. I know it may be cold outside and the wind may be howling and th snow may be falling but that doesnt mean you have to sit inside. 103 more words

Cherry's Style

Stylin With Kurves [K] @ Phat Fashion ☺

Hey ladies, Today I feel as if everything I’m representing is on fleek!!!!!! Check out this outfit Im stylin for you today, I loved it so much and I look so good in it, I had to show you two color versions of it…..lol…. 85 more words

Cherry's Style

The Snow Is Here With Bougie @ Phat Fashion ☺

I dont know about you ladies but even when the snow is falling, I still have to leave my house. It’s cold out there and I put on my Bougie clothing and the matching Bougie fur coat and decided to head out in style. 85 more words

Cherry's Style


November 18th

I give thanks for the many elements of the Universe.

I love the rays of the sun beaming down on the planet. It gives the force of life through its rays of nourishment. 278 more words

Daily IN-spiration

Getting My Workout On With Vulgar (V) @ Phat Fashion ☺

It’s too cold outside for me sooo I decided to get my treadmill from under the bed and do my workout inside my house. The snow is falling and I still need to keep in shape and Vulgar provided the outfit just for that. 95 more words

Cherry's Style

Loving The New Robin HW Jeans From Printz ☺

Psst…….Psst….Ladies, have you checked out what Printz is creating? Well ladies Im just going to say, you wont be disappointed…..lol. Have you ever looked in you inventory to the right jeans to make the perfect shirt pop? 72 more words

Cherry's Style