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Refreshing Dip

Needing a cool down from the workout this morning, I decided to go for a dive down the waterfall. The weather’s perfect for this dip and my body truly needs it. 240 more words

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Do you deny yourself the finer things in life, like abundance, prosperity and love? Or joy, peace and harmony? Perhaps it is because you do not feel worthy of these things. 325 more words

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Getting Into Shape ☺

Being around those models as long as I was, I felt a bit out of shape. I decided to hit up The Slay Room Event before it ends and get me an outfit to work out in. 139 more words

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Out Sailing ☺

Finally have the suspect in custody. He confessed after playing the tape where his helpers ratted him out. I was trying to hold out and keep the secret but i blasted him with the tape and he song like a canary. 172 more words

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Colors make a tremendous difference in our moods and attitudes. There has been numerous studies to validate this point. However, different colors may have different affects on people. 270 more words

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Egyptian Style ☺

Today the photoshoot had me looking as if I was visiting Egypt. I wish I could’ve had them shoot me with a picture that captured the entire scene but time was running out and they needed a quick shot. 201 more words

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John 11: The Death of Lazarus

John 11The Death of Lazarus

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Favorite from August 28, 2009.

This is a bittersweet story if we believe in the resurrection.  523 more words