Honestly im sitting here chill as fuck and just divided to make a blog. First time I’ve every done anything like this, I’ve never really been into social media I only have Instagram soo bare with me😶 150 more words

Clean slate

For years I have been meaning to start a blog after abandoning my previous high school teenager angst one. Instead of continuing off of that one, I decide why not start a whole new clean slate. 72 more words

Be gentle, it's my first time.

Welp,  it’s my first blog and i just wanted to get a few things straight..

I am not a professional writer.. In fact the last time I wrote anything longer then a haiku was probably in high school, forced by my horrible english teacher who had frizzy hair and lipstick on her teeth.   102 more words


Yoga With Lalique in NEW YORK!

Calling All New York Yogis! I’ll be visiting your beautiful city for several days next week and would love for you to come out and play with me! 171 more words


It Only took FOREVER!

Hidy Ho BeachBums and Bunnies!  All mah stoney croneys and luscious lushes!

Here is a website that could possibly be used for Pacific Coast High, but the leader of the pack shunned any team effort involvement. 11 more words

First Post

Days Before Rodeo

New free album by Travi$ Scott

If you know him then you know his sound, his flow. I you don’t, its like a trip. The music and his delivery is like you are taking a drug induced trip. 15 more words