Coming Soon

Starting tomorrow I will be doing 30 days of D/s from Loving BDSM. 7 more words

We talked...

At the recommendation of another sub, I suggested to DB that we have weekly talks about our D/s relationship.

Well, last week we had our first talk and it went really well! 92 more words



This week my stress level has been through the roof.

I’ve got quite a bit on my plate this month and just the mere thought of it makes me stressed. 185 more words



Yesterday, while DB and I were helping each other, I came to the realization that I don’t do enough asking. This problem is something I was aware of but sort of chose to ignore because I didn’t realize how much it affected my relationship. 194 more words


Eight Week Update

It’s been eight weeks since we started our DDlg relationship and boy has it been a ride. Everyday is different as we continue to find out more about ourselves and each other. 246 more words


Here We Go!

Ah, here it is. A public blog.

This has been on my To-Do list for so long.

Over the years I’ve invented so many excuses to put this on hold. 500 more words

Babygirl Handbook

I’ve started on the making of a handbook for DB, a “Babygirl Handbook”, to better communicate my being little.

I’ve decided to do this because DB has a hard time remembering things long term. 95 more words