New Music - Tokyo Jetz - "On Some Other Shit"

On Some Other Shit – Tokyo Jetz

New Music

Tokyo Jetz

“On Some Other Shit”

Grand Hustle’s newest signee Tokyo Jetz is coming in 2017 with “On Some Other Shit”. 67 more words


New Video - Alexis Branch - "Let You Go"

New Video

Alexis Branch

“Let You Go”


Alexis Branch decided to try making it as a solo artist after years of being apart of groups, and she has signed on with Stevie J (DangerZone Entertainment) to produce her upcoming EP. 36 more words


New Video - Nephew Texas Boy - If I Want To

New Video

Nephew Texas Boy – “If I Want To”



     Nephew Texas Boy has done his quick stint in jail and as soon as he touchdown he showing up with new visuals to songs from his EP “Pack Landed @ 808” released in January.   13 more words


The Kissing Game

Happy Freaking New Year!! Well day 2 of 365 and I got to thinking about this kissing madness.Who the hell did you kiss at midnight? Do people still believe that tale? 449 more words

First in a new series of comic book characters I’ve dreamed up. For years, while on the way to work or school, I’ve composed an epic narrative in my head — basically, a grand, comic-book version version of my life that looks like a cross between a pulp noir film, a Greek myth, a spaghetti western, and an Alan Moore novel. 21 more words



Featured in Xica Nation

“I use words like “mojada,” “ilegal,” or “wetback” in my art in order to remind ourselves that to be a mojada is to be strong enough to survive every day in a land that seeks to destroy you by willing you to invisibility. 63 more words