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Vic Lima talks incoherently once again

Commenting on the testimony of Edgar Manobato in the Senate hearing on EJK, Vic Lima said Sen. Panfilo Lacson lost interest in continuing to interrogate Manobato because the witness talked of the past. 126 more words

Vic Lima

The Departure of Peter Mansbridge — A Meditation

Is television news entertainment?

No, it is not. It is information.

The departure of Peter Mansbridge next July gives the CBC an opportunity to clear up this confusion. 230 more words

She was supposed to say "jacked up" during this news segment, but that's not what came out

Live TV can be tricky for news anchors, especially this one who by all appearances tried to turn a preposition into a proposition.

The story was about a big, bad gas company indeed plotting to jack with consumers with plans to “jack up” the price of energy, potentially raising the cost to heat a home from 27 to 30 percent. 53 more words

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Watch This Thirsty Reporter Go Chasing Off After A Shirtless Aussie Hunk She Met On The Beach

If I had a nickel for every time I daydreamed about peace’ing out of my job to chase after a set of perfect abs that happened to also be attached to some legs and a face, I’d be rich enough that hot guys with abs would come to me.   197 more words


Karen Davila showing off again?

U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump was asked by a reporter what he thought of Brexit. “What’s that?” he asked.

The day after the Britons voted to leave the European Union, Trump flew to Scotland to inaugurate his golf course there. 225 more words

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Washington Post columnist: aging a liability for women


Ruth Marcus, Columnist for The Washington Post, had published this article about…well, ahem….women getting older.  Male readers may snicker if they read the article, but to women it is the same old tune. 288 more words

This And That

Karen Davila was so excited about sharing her thoughts and showing off her knowledge on Sen. Trillanes’ claim that Duterte has P211 million in Bank of PI, J. 746 more words

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