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poop Attacks Boundless Thirst Wealth and Power

Show the way poop.

Set an example.

Have the catholic church take a vow of poverty and humility:

—  give away all church assets

—  church be humble, church be quiet… 44 more words


China Wants Win-Win Ties With United States

And fools in America believe this.

The bigger the lie, the easier to fool people.

China is a rogue state.


—  terrorizes.

—  lies, cheats and steals. 50 more words


poop's Priorities: Poverty, Climate, Migrants

What about god and religion?

Corruption in the church?

Pedophile priests?  They are still out there.

Excess church power and wealth?

After that rogue states. 69 more words


China Seeks 'New Model' for Relations with US

Whatever China calls it, it still China will lie, cheat and steal from the United States.

China will continue to be a rogue state.

Evil is China’s game: 44 more words


An Addition to an Axis of Evil

Russia has has become a full fledged member of the Iran/Syria axis of evil.

Russia has gone from being Syria’s weapons supplier to full scale military ally. 78 more words