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Animal Liberation update: Support Joseph and Nicole

On July 24, 2015 Americans Nicole Kissane and Joseph Buddenberg were arrested and federally indicted for alleged Conspiracy to Violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act ( 308 more words


North Korea Fires Submarine-launched Missile

Rogue states’ evil continues.

And nations do nothing.


Stupid and incompetent politicians.

Eventually, a  North Korean missile will hit Japan, South Korea or other nation. 57 more words


Update: Terrorism

Terrorism attacks are continuously increasing; both in number and severity.

The government cannot or will not stop them.

You are not safe.

At any moment, a bomb make kill you. 129 more words


U.S. to Buy Heavy Water from Iran

The United States will buy heavy water from Iran’s nuclear program.

“The United States will not be Iran’s customer forever,” the DOE spokeswoman said. U.S. officials hope the purchase will pave the way for other countries to buy the heavy water, which can be used in the development of semiconductors and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. 91 more words


Islamic Terrorists

Words no one will say.I

For more than two decades, much of the world has been at war with Islamic Terrorists.

And always, everyone is so  politically correct not to utter the words, 74 more words


Trump: Mexico Will Pay For Wall

If Mexico refuses, Trump would stop cash sent home by Mexicans based in the US, until the country pays for a border wall.

More than 25 billion dollars is sent back to Mexico each year. 36 more words