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Ho Hum: Another Terrorist Attack

Terrorist attacks happen on a regular basis.

This week Manchester, England; before that somewhere in France.

Just like an auto accident or natural disaster.

Some deaths and injuries. 143 more words


Should Trump receive royalties for the jokes made about him?

Have you heard this one: “Trump goes to Saudi Arabia…”? It’s like the modern day equivalent of “Guy goes to the doctor.” Well, almost. I do not watch much American TV, but what I’ve seen recently of the comedy shows–not only politically-oriented ones or news shows but just comedic in general–is that US president Donald Trump is finally the celebrity he’s always wanted to become, I guess. 352 more words


Who the hell was that German Scientist that wanted to stop Hitler

As a Scientist, I love this story.

In 1939 War was looming on the German horizon. Everywhere in Europe people knew it was coming. The problem for Hitler was that the German Herrenvolk (people) really wanted to live in peace. 526 more words

Hitler had so many moles he should have not been able to start WWII

Recently I published a post about some early events in WWII that could have prevented the entire conflict. You can find them on my post titled… 1,448 more words

World War 2

The Devil on god

A communication between the Devil and one of his minions.

minion:  Master, have you ever seen god?

Devil(amused):  no.

minion:  Why not?

Devil:  because I created the myth of god;  there is no god. 121 more words


A World War II Lesson, and Hitler’s Rise to Power Applied to Modern American Politics

In the United States politics has evolved into this sort of blood sport with people separating themselves by party. Once put into groups there are members of those groups who follow the various party leaders almost without question. 1,514 more words

Everyday News

Every day the news is the same repetitious garbage.

Whether from print, television or internet.

Same or very similar news; and all of it is entertainment or propaganda. 52 more words