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News Media Focuses on "Good News"

Good not as in quality.

Good as in things are great.

Good as in lie, after lie.

There is NO good news.

The world is not doing well, especially the United States. 59 more words


John Samuel Tieman: Are you a socialist and just don't know it?

Yesterday, I heard a reporter say that she was surprised that Senator Bernie Sanders has garnered so much support. I’m not.

Not long ago, Vox Populi… 359 more words

Social Justice

Iran Backs Taliban

Tehran has quietly increased its supply of weapons, ammunition and funding to the Taliban, and is now recruiting and training its fighters, posing a new threat to Afghanistan’s fragile security. 89 more words


Quotes: Bigot by default.

If some of you would be upset with me for posting this quote, then you need to read it again because you obviously missed the point. 142 more words


Video: Tribute to Fallen Environmental Warrior George Jucha

Here’s a video produced by environmental activist and University of Pittsburgh professor George Jucha (1964-2015) and posted on December 14, 2014, showing an illegal flaring of a fracking well… 355 more words

Social Justice