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Wake Up Black People!

You need to change.

Your culture and way of life are not working.

And it will be worse in the future.

You are your own worst enemy. 119 more words


Why Have Voice Mail?

Think about.

Every cell phone comes with voice mail.

So, everybody automatically uses it.

Well, not everybody.

Some people totally ignore voice mail; never check it, never leave messages. 89 more words


Only Whites Can Commit Hate Crimes?

Headline:  Yelling ‘I hate white people’ and punching one isn’t a hate crime, Canadian judge rules.

Did the judge rule this way because the attacker was indigenous or a woman? 124 more words


Has my book been pirated?

Imagine my surprise when I discovered my debut short story, The Visitor, being offered as a free PDF download here and here. (Including with fake reviews) including this train wreck of a review that I’ve copied and pasted verbatim: 172 more words


Eliminate the European Union

The European Union is a creation of politicians and elitists.

It was created solely for their benefit.

The European Union is another layer of wasteful government used to control the populace. 67 more words