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Helping Others

One of the worthy causes that were helped by our CHARITY GIFT VOUCHERS last year was Knocknagoney Primaey School. They raised £1350 for school equipment and resources. 21 more words


Should We Obey Government Because it Makes Us Better Off?

People want to obey the government if it makes them better off economically; and just the opposite.

People care only about their economic well being. 70 more words


Islamic Jihadists

Terrorists are the enemy of a safe and secure world.

To defeat any enemy, it must be clearly identified.

If anyone pretends that Islam is purely incidental to terrorism, they are lying and they know it. 107 more words


POLICE STATE -- The United States


The state of Michigan is not exactly known for its balmy weather this time of year.

And residents reasonably do what they have to do to cope with often extreme winter temperatures. 571 more words


Corruption And Crony Capitalism

For decades, businesses have received favors in exchange of campaign donations or other kind of political support.

Government corruption.

Criminal politicians.

Higher prices and lower quality goods and services. 34 more words


You Are Powerless?

The fact is most of us cannot do much about most things.

Our purchases do not matter much. Our complaints do not matter. Our comments to regulators are virtually ignored. 57 more words


Loss of Confidence in Government

There is a “deep distrust” between almost every organization/institution and the communities they serve. A very large and growing part of the public no longer believes in the integrity of local or national government, law enforcement, health care, banking,pensions, legal systems, educational processes, media or church, just to name a few. 61 more words