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Apple, Amazon Help China Curb the Use of Anti-Censorship Tools


Violation of human rights.

Denial of free speech.

Enemies of freedom.

Allies of rogue states.

Profits over people.

The United States government should sanction both companies severely: 95 more words


#Russia Seizes 2 United States Diplomatic Properties

And told The United States it must cut 755 staff members.

Most of these will be russians working for The United States Russian Mission.

Thank you Putin. 146 more words


#Sanctions Against Russia

Russia is a rogue state.

Has been since the Russian revolution.

Rogue states are evil.

Evil must be destroyed.

Sanctions are one way of fighting a rogue state. 108 more words


North Korea Situation

North Korea is a rogue state.

All rogue  states are evil.

A review of the North Korea situation follows.

North Korea continues to develop and test its missile capability. 294 more words


North Korea's Tourism Industry

Yes, North Korea has a tourism industry.


All nations should ban travel to North Korea.

And all other rogue states.

If a citizen goes to a danger zone, especially rogue states;  all nations should not assist them. 62 more words