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The Queen As A Hijabi...You Must Be Having A Laugh Mate!

Someone sent me this meme, I had a good chuckle and proceeded to go about my day. It stuck in my head and apart from giving me a good laugh and making me smile to myself like a weirdo, it got me thinking about something a little deeper. 645 more words

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The Candidate With The Most Votes Does Not Win...And Other Things You May Not Know About The US Elections

As the United States gears up for its 2016 general election that will determine who will become the next president, voters intently watch speeches, interviews, policy announcements, engagement with voters, efforts to gather high profile endorsements, fundraisers and debates. 745 more words

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Arab And European Women Join Forces In The North Pole

Women from across the Middle East are applying to join a North Pole expedition organized by British adventurers Felicity Aston and Julie Lewis with the aim of bringing together Arab and European women to foster understanding between the two cultures. 538 more words

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In another desperate attempt for viewers, YouTube ‘comedian’ Nicole Arbour tried to get controversy back by making a follow-up to her publicly slammed video ‘Dear Fat People’.

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Fancy Some Light Reading? 'Mein Kampf' Back On Sale In Germany

With the New Year, comes resolutions. Eat healthier. smoke less, read more. Some of the most popular yet seemingly hardest choices. Well book stores in Germany are only happy to help with that last one. 461 more words

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Countdown: Me and my student by Chrisdalecturer


Some people sets the pace, some follow the trends
Some people make things happen, some watch things happen
Some people take risks, others play safe… 122 more words

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Black Beauty Pride (BPM) Magazine release list of Top Poets and writers

BPM presents “Black Beauty Pens” of the year 2015


TOP 20 Spoken Words Poets That Rocked 2015 . Graciano Enwerem
. Jeffrey Jaiyeola(Plumbline) 204 more words

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