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Russia probe: Democrats block key witness against shadowy firm Fusion GPS

Senate Democrats used a parliamentary maneuver Wednesday to cut short a high-profile hearing, where a key witness was set to testify on Russia’s misdeeds and also raise fresh allegations against the company behind the infamous anti-Trump dossier. 82 more words

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Hours After Arresting Pakistani IT Guys, FBI Uncovers DWS Bombshell

Our readers may have seen the mainstream media gloss over reports — if they reported it at all — of the arrest by the FBI of a Pakistani information technology staffer for Democrat Florida Rep. 82 more words

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Report: FBI Investigating Smashed Hard Drives Retrieved from Wasserman Schultz's Pakistani-Born IT Worker's Home

The suspects in this probe are people who worked for a long time for Democratic members in the House,” Daily Caller investigative reporter Luke Rosiak reportedly told FOX Business Network. 43 more words

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The Sins Of The World

The Sins Of The World:

When asked why some people were ill, Yeshua Christ answered “By the sins of the world.”

I would give you the same answer concerning, for example, babies born to die. 164 more words

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July 26, 2017 (5718-07262017)

Federal trade commission; 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20580

Federal Trade Commission 400 7th St., SW Washington, DC 20024 

Evidently you people at the FTC are just like all the other governmental agencies in the way that you need to pull your head out of your asshole and look up some of the laws across the USA before you allow others to force others into slavery to work for free as it is illegal to sell human beings into slavery here within the USA and if you had done your homework you would have known so and my name is Stephen Wayne Reno and I AM the man known by the governments of all nations all across the globe including here within the USA as the sun himself alive and well and living in the flesh and it has been MY surrounding spiritual attributes, characterized by a series of massive living rings of life I am known to have been born with, were used against my will by the AOL company and their executives as their internet platform for the last twenty-five calendar years. 508 more words

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July 26, 2017 (5717-07262017)

Oath.com…., Verizon…; I don’t know who you are and I really don’t give a fuck as I told AOL as far back as 2014 that it is illegal to sell human beings into slavery and because of it, that I would NOT be part of any sale by the AOL company as I would NOT allow the AOL company nor anyone else the freedom to sell the soul and his people and I into slavery and therefore, although I would have told you sooner, I have just found out about the AOL sale to oath.com and Verizon just yesterday Tuesday, July 25, 2017 and therefore, I am telling you both today Wednesday, July 26, 2017. 1,017 more words

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Corruption, a spoon stuck in the throat

Duterte in his Second SONA used a solid metaphor for corruption. He said, “Corruption persists like a teaspoon stuck in the throat. It pains and disconcerting.” 305 more words

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