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Carpets All Ruined

Carpets All Ruined:

Blood, blood, blood everywhere. Leaking legs.

I promise you that your NHS will pay, with their own blood if necessary, and it will be God who’ll spill theirs. 47 more words

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Who Is Afrikan?

One respondent asked me, “who is Afrikan?” I responded as follows:

He or she born of Afrikan heritage who chooses for themselves a consciousness, cultural practices, and a corresponding cosmic connection with Afrikan deities, ancestors, and people and also a commitment to their spiritual, social, political, and economic development and collective organization.

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U.S. and North Korea Exchange Words at UN Forum

Reuters news agency reports that North Korea and the United States clashed at a U.N. forum on Tuesday over their military intentions towards one another, with North Korea’s envoy declaring it would “never” put its nuclear deterrent on the negotiating table. 118 more words

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August 22, 2017 (5751-08222017)

I was again rudely and disrespectfully awakened at 1:30AM this morning Tuesday, August 22, 2017 by the very same meth addict bitch attempting to use my flesh and bone bodily aura as a hiding spot for the illegal consumption of methamphetamine as she while illegally electronically connected directly to MY flesh and bone bodily aura literally as I laid in my bed sleeping repeatedly surging my feet with live voltage electricity via live electrical wires and I am fucking tired of being bothered by this damn fucking drug addict bitch. 1,980 more words

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Was 2016 "Russian DNC Hack" an Inside Job Instead?

The Washington Times reports that last year’s Democratic National Committee computer hack that enabled WikiLeaks to release emails showing Democratic Party favoritism of Hillary Clinton over Bernard Sanders and supposedly conducted by Russian operatives is facing increasing scrutiny. 297 more words

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Body Remains Found in Compartments of U.S. Destroyer

Reuters news agency reports that remains of sailors have been found inside the USS John S. McCain naval destroyer that suffered a collision with the merchant ship Alnic MC. 86 more words

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The Default Position for Collective Activism

When a people have no conscious collective leadership, no collective agenda, no collective strategy or tactics to implement that agenda, and no collective consciousness of their own power and resources, they will default to mass symbolism, confusing THAT with collective activism and confusing any results given them for their symbolic acts with “social progress.”

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