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Cosmosystème -Космо системы- Κοσμοσύστημα (B)

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La démocratie comme liberté. Démocratie et représentation
Prologue : initiation à mon argumentation sur l’irrationnel de la modernité qui fait de sa réalité des concepts universels au lieu de soumettre l’époque moderne à des concepts universels. 1,651 more words

News And Politics

Thoughts On The French Presidential Election

Some Background

After Trump and Brexit, everyone worried about the much touted populist uprising supposedly taking over the Western world will have their sights set on France, which is currently in the process of electing its 25th President. 2,578 more words

News And Politics

three days now and obama leaves a legacy trump starts one as postus world gets ready

and thus now after today . the u.s will soon learn and witness trump officialy as president even as some of his plans for his ingurration keep changing due to who he lined up to entertain keep dropping out plus also in three more days obama leaves an offical legacy as president mostly the health care act which congress and trump are moving to get rid of . 36 more words

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Trump's Tweet Machine---a powerful connection with the people

Trump is a master of twitter technology. It enables him to stay in touch directly with the voters and bypass the media. It is a strategy and tactic that works for him. 152 more words

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Putin VS America and Trump--a show of strength

One of the great strategic and tactical political games in the next four years will be the US versus Russia; Trump versus Putin. At this point none of us knows where this game is headed but we have to political opponents who believe in directness and brute force. 153 more words

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Responsible Leadership

A sobering article on responsible leadership in the age of populism. Worth reading. An extract:

The way today’s leaders increasingly rely on referenda, petitions and social media to legitimize their action suggests the emergence of a worrying trend of delegation of leadership and therefore responsibility.

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The Pope Says

The Pope Says:

I understand up to a point, because the way things are it seems appropriate what he says.

However: When all schools teach religion as they must, and all people are compulsory members of a single Church, from birth, everyone will believe. 167 more words

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