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Every muslim Is A Thief, And Must Emigrate

Every muslim Is A Thief: (If they want it they can take it, but not from each other)

They are considered a curse if they don’t emigrate to other lands for the purpose. 401 more words

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Seattle Swaps Columbus Day For 'Indigenous Peoples' Day'

October 12, 2014 2:55 PM ET

Tristan Ahtone

Native American protesters have been demonstrating against Columbus Day in Seattle for several years. Protest organizers say Columbus should not be credited with discovering the Western Hemisphere at a time when it was already inhabited. 531 more words

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Not the Way to Win People Over

Poor, stupid, out of touch rich guy. Trump wants to run for president but he is already making enemies. He should look at presidents past and present and note how you are not supposed to piss people off until AFTER you’re elected. 86 more words

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Trucking hell: chaos on the roads

A road trip from Britain through France sounds like an appealing adventure – unless you’re one of the lorry drivers who has been stranded on the M20 in sweltering temperatures this week. 290 more words

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