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Within the last 24 hours, in yet another criminal act of Revenge committed explicitly because I couldn’t afford to pay a cover charge, either The Frigid bitch or her accomplices placed the same lethal chemicals on a food item that was stored on my bunk in the middle of the living room of my house. 120 more words

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Manus Island

The Papua New Guinea High Court has ruled the offshore detention centre set up on Manus Island illegal and the country’s government now plans to move swiftly to dismantle it. 639 more words

Official who penalized ‘Sweetcakes’ accused of violating Constitution

An Oregon state official and his agency violated the U.S. Constitution in multiple ways when they assessed a $135,000 penalty against Sweetcakes by Melissa bakery owners Aaron and Melissa Klein for refusing to violate their Christian faith by creating a wedding cake for a lesbian duo, according to a new appeal filed in the long-running […] 9 more words

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The Tom asks Secret Service to beef up security

In an exclusive interview with Gun & Guns Magazine, The Tom outlined his security concerns after far left demonstrators have disrupted his events by hurling rocks and pepper spraying little girls. 108 more words

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The Truth About School Types

The Truth About School Types:

Grammar Schools: Jim Naughty, now with the BBC,  and I, attended a Grammar school.

A grammar school is always to be found in an industrial area, because although it does cover academic subjects, those subjects are only given to an elite few. 305 more words

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