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May 24, 2017 (5665-05242017)

Being an extremely impoverished person living upon an unusually small amount of money per month I often find myself in need of visiting a local area food bank at least once to twice per month just to be able to keep myself fed and with food supplies in my cupboard and because of this fact, I DO in fact visit a local area food bank at least twice and sometimes even more times per month and it is because of this that the soul and his people and I would like to take a moment of our day to notice, and to thank the many that make it possible for us to do this, and therefore, with that said, although there are in fact many food banks here within the local greater Los Angeles basin area, the one we are currently fortunate enough to be a recipient of and visit is the local area APLA food bank at the David Geffen center on Kingsley St. 465 more words

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TV And Media Are Killing You

TV And Media Are Killing You:

When you really think about it all they had to do in the Plough Inn, Keith that afternoon was turn off the TV and carry on. 211 more words

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Why would humans do this to other humans?

Terrorist activities based on an excuse of religion; ridiculous laws based on religion; Running and management of a territory based on a religion.

All these actions and judgements, based on a piece of story from a time where people justifies their account of extraordinary feats on things they do not understand. 411 more words

President Donald J. Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May will meet this week - May 2017 - U.K. Threat Level - "critical"

Today, President Donald J. Trump spoke from Jerusalem with Prime Minster Theresa May of the United Kingdom about the terrorist act in Manchester, England.  During the conversation, the two leaders agreed that this attack, which targeted teenage children and their friends and their parents, was depraved. 183 more words

Lucifer Keeps People Primed To Kill

Lucifer Keeps People Primed To Kill: (All Over The World)

Then he simply unleashes them to cover bad news for his kingdom.

Some years ago some musicians were going to introduce me to the audience in the Plough Inn, Mid Street, Keith, Banffshire Scotland. 172 more words

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Fake News

No evidence has been unturned to determine that there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians

The liberal fake news has embellished the existing situation to the maximum resulting in tortuous insinuations regarding Trump and his administration. 103 more words

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