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Rohingya woman: 'They tore all my clothes

A top UN official says “crimes against humanity” are being committed by the military and police against Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority.

Newsnight’s Jonah Fisher reports.

U.S. Women Break Canada’s Grip on Hockey Gold

GANGNEUNG, South Korea — It happens every four years. The United States and Canada play for Olympic gold in women’s hockey, and the game usually goes down to the wire. 67 more words

Rohingya Refugee Crisis

<img src="https://nutonnath.files.wordpress.com/2018/02/rohingya-mother-and-two-children.jpg&quot; alt="rohingya-mother-and-two-children" width="350" height="437" class="alignnone size-fuExtreme violence in Myanmar has forced Rohingya families to flee the state. Homes and fields have been set on fire, family members have been killed and the intensity continues. 99 more words

Why The World Is Spinning Into Crisis Everywhere

WASHINGTON — Israel vs. Hamas. Ukraine vs. Russia. Unaccompanied minors at the Texas border. Syria in flames, with a militant “caliphate” at the door. Iran stalling for time on nukes. 109 more words

The Biofuel Revolution

Despite the rising interest in biofuels, they are still the subject of some controversy…

This project, completed as an assignment for a visual journalism assignment in 2016, is a news segment about biofuels as a substitute for fossil fuels: the advantages, disadvantages, and where our technology is at right now.

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An Uneven Playing Field

The war on sexism is being played out across many fields, but a battle that has yet to be won is that of women in sport. 751 more words

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