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Princess Leia. More of a victim than an Icon

I’ve been thinking about Carrie Fisher. Thinking about her a lot, lately. But my thinking isn’t in a way that I might have expected.

Yes. I was shocked by her death. 1,158 more words

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False Illusions of Black Success

As a Black male, father, husband, university lecturer and business owner, I am deeply concerned about what is going on in the Black community as it relates to Black success, i.e., economic independence and financial freedom. 910 more words


Surviving the Holidays_Keeping Your Children Safe

Parents, even as you celebrate the holidays with family and friends, be sure to maintain situational awareness as it relates to your children’s safety. Talk to your children about what unacceptable contact, touching or sexual behavior is and looks like. 138 more words


Donald Trump Is Right About The Media!

Donald Trump is right about the media and journalists.

The US media actively misinforms the public on critical issues, and continuously engages in deception, disinformation, sensationalism and propaganda. 299 more words


Dealing with Reality_Post 2016 US Presidential Election

Nobody gives a shit!

Let me repeat. Nobody gives a shit except the other losers around you.

Deal with the reality that there isn’t going to be a President Hillary Clinton. 336 more words


Good Men And Women Have To Stop Doing Nothing

Humanity isn’t a word used much these days. We should be ashamed at that.

It’s a word I love because it has so much meaning. It’s a way of describing all of us. 790 more words

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America. Grab On To Your Ankles

The last rites are being said over a political corpse. Decaying by the day. A political corpse called Donald Trump. He is politically dead in the water. 571 more words

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