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The Story Behind The Story Is The Most Interesting Story Of All

Sometimes the story behind the story is the best story of all. Let me explain.

America is all agog, and rightly so, at the latest revelations of alleged collusion between the Trump Presidential campaign, and Russia’s Putin regime, to get Donald Trump elected President of the United States. 971 more words

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Translating Nick Cummins

I wrote this a while ago but never got around to publishing, so here it is:

It’s funny, how the majority of us can be enthralled by people who throw, run, catch or kick a ball. 978 more words

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Those Sneaky Kiwis Did It Again

An extraordinary sporting event just happened in the last 24 hours. No, it’s not what you’d call mainstream sport. Not rugby, basketball, soccer, baseball or cricket but that doesn’t make what happened any the less extraordinary. 731 more words

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The Story Of The Mystery Plane, The Drugs, The Cash And Maybe The CIA 5

This is a fascinating mystery. And I’m a little bit obsessed. It’s the story of a ghost plane that has confirmed links to the American CIA, which mysteriously turned up in Australia. 2,840 more words

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What Are Our Differences? Well, It Depends On How Much You Like Tomato Sauce

I love social experiments. Especially when they involve children. Kids are so smart. They’re insightful, philosophical and profound. They see things the way things should be seen. 717 more words

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My Pet, my friend

If you are really in need of a loyal friend who has the least of all demands but dedicates all his life to serving you at all cost then trust me no human would go that far. 295 more words

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Another Letter To America

Dear United States of America.

Here I am writing to you again.

You’ll be pleased to know it’s not about guns this time. The truth is I can’t take my eyes away from you and your politics. 1,187 more words

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