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This is one awesome Vision how Augmented Reality will redefine Entertainment: Microsoft Imagining the Future for NFL fans with HoloLens (Microsoft/YouTube)

Watching sports could soon be a very different experience — at least if it’s up to Microsoft and the NFL. Before you know it, a holographic player could be charging through your walls and replays could play in 3D on your coffee table. 42 more words

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Magic Leap Raises Whopping $793.5M Series C, Adds Alibaba’s Jack Ma To Board As New Funding Pushes Valuation To $5B (TechCrunch)

Magic Leap, the much-hyped augmented reality company that’s raised over $500 million, doesn’t have a consumer product yet, but that isn’t stopping the company from focusing on the potential of the Chinese entertainment market. 63 more words

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Impressive Q4/15 Reporting: Facebook Climbs To 1.59 Billion Users And Crushes Q4 Estimates With $5.8B Revenue. User Count for Core FB, WhatsApp, Instagram exploding (TechCrunch)

By courting users and ad dollars in the developing world, Facebook continued its growth streak. It hit 1.59 billion users today and crushed the street’s estimates in its Q4 2015 earnings with… 14 more words

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Next Stage in the Future of E-Commerce: First Amazon Dash-Powered Devices Go Live, Will Automatically Reorder Supplies For You (TechCrunch)

Your household appliances are getting smarter: think printers that re-order ink when you’re low, or washers that dispense just the right amount of detergent then send you more before you run… 14 more words

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Some more Sci-Fi becoming Reality: Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Breaks Ground To Make Elon Musk’s Hyperloop A Reality (TechCrunch)

Plans to construct the beginnings of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop are now underway in Quay Valley, California. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) announced plans for a 5-mile test track late last year and is about to break ground on an initial framework for what HTT CEO Dirk Ahlborn hopes will become the U.S. 41 more words

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Extension of Business Model to official B2C Features: WhatsApp Ditches $1 Annual Fee, Tests Business Accounts But No Ads, Says CEO (TechCrunch)

Today at the DLD conference in Munich, Germany, the CEO of Facebook-owned WhatsApp made a couple of big announcements about how the messaging app plans to evolve to its next phase as it… 14 more words

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Facebook’s Secret Chat SDK Lets Developers Build Messenger Bots (TechCrunch)

M won’t be the only artificial intelligence on Facebook Messenger. Facebook has given some developers access to an unannounced Chat SDK that allows them to build interactive experiences and… 12 more words

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