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This blog will discuss science bits and issues in science communication, week by week. Our first eight posts will discuss issues in food waste and food safety. 10 more words


The Big Bang neither Proves nor Disproves the Biblical Creation Narrative

When the the theory of the Big Bang started getting legs and hitting mainstream science prior to WWII, people on both sides of the creation fence were claiming it as proof of their worldview. 199 more words


A Quick Scientific Note on Creation

Christians are often asked to reconcile their faith against scientific discoveries. From the fossil record to the Big Bang theory, secular society tries to poise science versus religion to justify their worldview. 175 more words


Radio XLVII, side B, track 11: "sports scores"

Oh, KISD FM, why in the hell did I record this?  College football scores?  Really?  And it wasn’t even like this was leading up to a song I was recording, because while… 238 more words


News bits: UTA student makes the case for public transportation

A commute with three transfers including two buses, light rail and commuter rail may appear daunting for the most seasoned public transportation user, but for University of Texas at Arlington student Brian Duran-Fuentes, it’s just a part of his day. 221 more words

News Bits

Why the War on Christianity is a Good Thing

The war is raging. It has been since the 1960s and it will continue until He comes down and finished it once and for all. Only Yeshua can bring peace, and He will bring it with the sword. 69 more words


News bits: Ashley Stanley share her story of car-free life

As the AIA Dallas car-free week rolls into its fourth day, downtown resident and business-owner Ashley Stanley wants the world to know that a car-free… 98 more words

News Bits