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India won to Pakistan, lost to "nationalist" media

May be one should ignore it, ignore it thinking these people can never make any sense in their lives and ignore it for the fact their benefit is in continuing to do what they are doing; but some time, it’s necessary to ask them some questions, to show them mirror and to let them know that our countrymen do not need certificate of patriotism from those who have sold their organization, their profession and their souls in return of personal benefits. 1,201 more words

Advice From a News Junkie

I watch CNN International often and as a viewer there are several basic presenting/reporting issues that I wish anchorpeople, reporters, guests and meteorologists of CNN and other (news) channels would be aware of, so here is my advice to people who get in front of news channel/new bulletin cameras (and in some instances the program makers): 466 more words

Looking for 'tehzeeb' during a bar fight in Delhi.

Suddenly, one day tehzeeb went missing; from the public discourses, it had gone missing from the streets the day rap music and internet had arrived, of course. 849 more words


How the scripts for news channel debates are probably written

Disclaimer: This piece is written on a ‘How it looks like’ basis and has no political affiliations of its own. It does not undermine the processes of broadcast media and means no disrespect either. 686 more words