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'Media does not just report events, they make events' by Fatima Malik

Media, I believe, is the home sweet home of lies. A place where exaggeration and making up events leads to high ratings. Little do they know how much lies can affect a layman’s life. 381 more words

News Channels

'Discuss the claim that the media does not just REPORT events, they MAKE events' by Rafia Sajjad

Today, the media is very important and vital for or everyday lives. Without this source, we would seem improbable. There are different categories through which we are provided with news, for instance; print media (newspapers, articles), electronic media (television, radio) and the internet. 506 more words

News Channels

Andha Kanoon – Chapter 3 – 60 crore ka Uphaar

What is the case?

The Uphaar Cinema fire, one of the worst fire tragedies in recent Indian history, occurred on Friday, 13 June 1997 at Uphaar Cinema, in Green Park, Delhi, during the 3-to-6 pm screening of the movie Border. 900 more words

News channels broke sponsorship rules, Ofcom says

Global news channels BBC World News and CNN International broke UK broadcasting rules by airing shows funded by foreign governments, charities and other bodies, media watchdog Ofcom has ruled. 440 more words



I never thought the day would come when I would miss CNN, Fox News, and even The Weather Channel, but that day has come.

When I opened my paper this morning this article caught my eye. 352 more words


Can you handle the truth?

Did you know the average American watches 150+ hours of TV a month? Yikes! If someone could just find a way to control TV and the media that would make them immensely powerful, don’t you think? 495 more words


Back when Newspapers carried news

There was a time when reading the newspaper did not put me in a bad mood, it did not make me negative, it did not bring me down for the rest of the day… I woke up to a big resource with loads to offer…this was back when I was a school student… These days when I pick it up, there is a sense of dread, of fear and an impending sense of doom. 139 more words