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Trump, taking his message to the people

Right now President Trump is conducting a a press conference, or in his case under-speech, on TV. I believe I’m watching a president implode. His ranting at the press, alternative facts and blaming is just amazing! 218 more words


The Media Just Doesn't Get It! They Were Used By President Trump In The News Conference For Him To Take It To We The People

I at times was laughing to myself watching President Trump’s news conference thinking of all the intellectual elites who were watching with their jaws dropped not knowing what the hell hit them with his straight talk. 738 more words

The Not Ready for Prime Time News Conference

During his Thursday news conference President Donald Trump took a moment to brag about the huge ratings he draws on all the networks, so that was at least one thing he said that can’t be disputed. 787 more words


President Trump Says "Illegal Drugs Cheaper Than Candy Bars." Junkies Rejoice

Junkies and users everywhere are rejoicing. Before they would have to sell their possessions, mortgage tomorrow, or even sell their bodies just to get a  fix because of the substantial amount of money that it takes to purchase that high. 270 more words

Donald Trump

Pres. Trump trashes the media, says he "inherited a mess", at WH press conference

After a chaotic week of resignations, gaffes and Russia scandals at the White House, we got an epic, jaw-dropping Donald Trump presidential press conference today in which he (a) went after the… 90 more words

Republicans Have Declared War on the American People

The question tens of millions of Americans demand answered, is “what is the extent of Vladimir Putin and Trump’s relationship.” What we know is that Trump “doth protest too much.” He continues to deny any connection. 480 more words