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The Trauma Recovery Lab has moved..

..to the University of Melbourne!

‘The enemy’ as one of my Monash colleagues put it, since these universities are the two big ones within the city. 287 more words

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Useful embarrassment (part 2)

What makes me feel embarrassed and how it can have productive outcomes was the topic of an earlier post already, so let’s dive in for part 2 of useful embarrassment in 2017: 350 more words

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Useful embarrassment (part 1)


A large cut develops in my hiking pants while I step on that slightly bigger rock in Switzerland.

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Old fart story haunts former Trinity Mirror journalist...should Birmingham Mail split print and web content? Meanwhile, editorial executives get steamed up over bored journalists in editorial conferences...

So, the conversation turned without premeditation to passing wind, or farts (sorry…). It had been this moment, when this most talented of journalists had decided to quit the profession. 1,160 more words


Action News, interlude

We interrupt this program to take you live where the mayor of Anywhere, USA has an important announcement. Listen in on his speech.

“…Hello, this announcement is to my mother… Please hold any press questions until after I have said what I need to say, thank you.

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What children who live with domestic violence say about their dads

“My ‘relationship’ with my Dad? I don’t have one….I feel like I am a pebble at the bottom of a stream and my Dad is this angry stream bashing me against all the other pebbles.”

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Back in the world’s most liveable city

I’m back in Melbourne! After two wonderful years in Switzerland and Europe, I have returned to Melbourne for part 2 of my NHMRC fellowship. It has been surprisingly easy to settle back in: it’s lovely to catch up with everyone here and the world’s most liveable city is still a buzzing creature.* 557 more words

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