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The Saddest, Wrongest 'Fact' In Tony Abbott's Climate Speech

Almost as bad is the claim that ’99 per cent of scientists believe’ as if scientific truth is determined by votes rather than facts.”Votes? What votes?Abbott seemed to be suggesting that the 97 percent consensus (the 99 was a mistake by Abbott, it’s actually 97) was based on some bogus poll.Wrong.There was never any poll of scared scientists who pretended to be in furious agreement about climate change lest they be branded as heretics. 51 more words

Why are we letting the fossil fuel industry make the rules on climate change action? - » The Australian Independent Media Network

In an article in today’s Australian, Janet Albrechtsen waxes lyrical about departing boss of the Minerals Council, Brendan Pearson, who she claims was “shoved out of his job as boss of the Minerals Council of Australia by those who prefer feel-good corporate bromides and green myths over energy facts and figures.”These purveyors of “green myths” were, among others, BHP and Rio Tinto who said they had lost confidence in Mr Pearson due to his unstinting advocacy for coal, something Ms Albrechtsen, on the other hand, considers a virtue, Source: … 20 more words

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Google Could Do More To Help Journalism

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It’s an awkward feeling to write about mere commerce on a day the nation mourns its pointless dead. 371 more words


Data Sheet—How Google Could Really Help Journalism

It’s an awkward feeling to write about mere commerce on a day the nation mourns its pointless dead.

And so with sorrow, I turn briefly to a pedantic but important topic: Google’s efforts this week to… 359 more words


Google Search Ends 'First Click Free' Policy for Paywall Sites

Google’s powerful search business is eliminating its default “first click free” program for subscription-based websites — giving publishers more flexibility in how they surface free content. 495 more words