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High Consumers of Crime News

On March 5th, 2015, the Pew Research Center published a study titled, “Local News in a Digital Age.”  They took three different cities in the United States, varied in regional location, and not on either of the coasts, and delved into how news is being consumed and internalized by the citizens of those cities.  245 more words


Local news effects: Helpless sex crime victim

According to a recent Springfield News Leader article, a senior woman at a nursing home was forced by a caregiver to perform sexual acts on him.  298 more words


Local news effects: Following "news rules"

Poor journalism from KSPR

Recently, a man was charged for murder in Chicago IL after being arrested locally- in Springfield MO.  KSPR news did not report on the issue as well as they could have.  374 more words


The Unusual Case of Mary Mason - Episode One (pilot)

In 2013 FBI Agents come across the most horrific claim of UFO Abduction on record. Parental Discretion Advised. Starring Cierra Weaver & Elizabeth Erin Manning. … 369 more words


Local news effects: Moral panic

Take a look at the headlines on the crime of Scott Goodwin-Bey from four different local news sources:


Why Geek?

As a geek I’m often in a situation where I’m asked to justify just why I love certain things so much. Why I spend so much of my time reading comics, watching TV or movies, playing games. 245 more words