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Au revoir, France Gall

I first discovered France Gall when I was still in art school. At that time, I didn’t know she was such a big star in the  570 more words

A Cure for Algorithms

In 2018 it can be hard to recall what life was like before the all-powerful algorithms – before content was selected for you by the unseen and all-powerful artificial intelligences that mediate daily life. 801 more words


Reading List for This Season

It’s wintertime, what better season to stay in and cuddle a book? If you are a nerd like me, I’d say, every season. But, honestly, I do more reading in the winter. 560 more words

#MeToo: As a Socio-political Movement

In recent news, the letting go of men from their powerful positions due to sexual harassment charges has prompted women nation-wide to speak out against men who behave badly and unprofessionally at work. 505 more words

Jeanne Moreau: A Woman of Character

I’ve been enamored with French New Wave cinema since college. Behind the cameras, François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, Agnès Vardas, etc. translated everyday- life into vignettes laced with spontaneous emotions. 332 more words

Vera Rubin: The Astronomer Who Discovered Dark Matter

In the 60s, women were not meant to be scientists but homemakers. Vera Rubin got married at age 19 to a physicist, Robert Rubin. They moved  from upstate New York to Philadelphia. 354 more words

Should fascists ever be heard?

A recent article in the New York Times caused outrage due to its supposed ‘normalising’ of white nationalist views. In it, a young man named Tony Hovater, present at the Charlottesville protest where a woman was killed by a car driven into the crowds, is profiled and questioned as to what led him to hold these views. 998 more words