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Humayun Tomb

Humayun died in 1556, and his widow Hamida Banu Begam, also known as Haji Begam, commenced the construction of his tomb in 1569, fourteen years after his death. 309 more words

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Taj Mahal: Shah Jahan’s Romantic Gesture

Come, walk along the pathway beside the reflecting pool with fountains upto the mausoleum crafted in soft & pure marble and jewelled with semi precious stones, where in the serenity of paradise rests the Queen in peace with her King. 357 more words

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Would be happier if life gave us lemons…!

The Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh is famous for lemon farming, since the late 1940’s. Especially the small town named Gudur. The region is often affected by cyclones and has almost non-existential winters. 840 more words

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Be Right or Take Flight: A Take on MT2’s 'Tamali'

From the brilliant talents working at Mapúa Tekno Teatro (MT2) comes Tamali, a short but bold play about the choice between “the right to live” and “living right” feared for too long. 301 more words


'Unweaving the lives of Basket Weavers'

They live in small-nuclear families inside thatched huts in narrow dusty lanes, packed close to each other. Their huts made up of mud, brick and long sturdy date leaves and twigs usually face cyclones during monsoons. 1,429 more words

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SpotHelp Means Business

SpotHelp has been busy getting people the help they need on all fronts. From their day to days to taking care of the family’s To-Do List.   38 more words