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Pinay Singer to sing in SONA 2015

One of the Filipino contestants of the Asia’s Got Talent (AGT) search show, Gwyneth Dorado was chosen by the House of Representatives to do the honor of singing the National Anthem in this year’s 6th and last State Of The Nation Address (SONA) of President Noynoy Aquino. 140 more words


On Their Marks: Aguila, Haribon up for Shell Eco 2014

We have made the most fuel-efficient car in the Philippines, or even in Asia.”

All ready, all set. Soaring proud with Mapúa’s premiere automotive technology, Aguila and Haribon are now up to outfly other energy efficient vehicles in next year’s Shell-Eco Marathon (SEM) Asia. 551 more words


The Library: For What It's Worth

Being in the library is only boring for those who don’t know how to utilize it. The biggest mistake Mapúans make is that they turn it into an extension of their bedroom or a PC gaming arena. 633 more words


Being into business: MBC turns students into young entrepreneurs

­­Why do students need to know about business? In this generation wherein money is easily spent than earning it, investing into business is a wise resort. 712 more words


English Language Center: Fostering better English for Mapúans

In its continuous yearning for international acclamation, Mapúa considers the fluency for English language as a main ingredient for success. This was even included to the school’s “I GO FOR VALUE” initiative, with the letter E as “English Proficiency as a Competitive Edge”. 689 more words


English Proficient Mapúans

Mapúans are known to be the gods and goddesses in the realm of engineering, math, and the likes. Just months ago, a string of top-notchers was announced on Mapua’s website and various publications. 802 more words