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The Rs 15 crore bank scam that almost happened

How the Mizoram Apex Cooperative Bank almost disbursed Rs 15 crore to a “wealthy-looking” businessman who produced what have since been found to be fake Letters of Credit, whose stated local address was found to be non-existent and who has since escaped arrest and apparently not been seen after a court granted him bail. 1,729 more words

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To Catch a Master Thief

A burglar with a track-record of no less than 32 successful hauls and who left no traces behind, not even an image, is finally caught because of something he dropped – a wallet with his ID card inside… 658 more words

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The Battle-lines Over a Warrior’s Legacy

New Delhi’s plans to honour Mizo warrior Khuangchera as part of Independence Day-related efforts to honour 10 people who resisted British rule in the North-East region as “freedom fighters” has ignited a major controversy. 1,011 more words

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Philippines Attains Tier 1 Status Against Human Trafficking

“Pumasa na tayo sa wakas… pero ang pinaka-goal natin is to extend our help to Filipinos na nangangailangan talaga, to the most vulnerable.” Those were the words of Jan Gatchallan, Executive Officer for Public Information and Communications of the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking from the Department of Justice (IACAT-DOJ), as he talks about IACAT’s latest achievement. 742 more words

DOJ devises solution to drug problem

By: Cresli Felipe

As one of the departments directly handling the criminal cases and offenses, like those related to drugs, will the Department of Justice truly serve equal treatment where and when it is due this time given the new administration? 723 more words

On the Employment Industry - Nicon Fameronag

Sir Nicon Fameronag is the undersecretary for the employability of workers and competitiveness of enterprises under the department of labor and employment. He is in charge of supervising the general offices in Luzon as well as the labor communications of the department. 413 more words

The perils of filing corruption complaints

As sleuths from the Anti-Corruption Bureau visit two villages in Mizoram’s far-north to collect evidence in a graft allegation against the Sinlung Hills Development Council, those who filed a complaint have received a barrage of threatening telephone calls demanding they withdraw the case. 935 more words

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