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Jaded Conquest of Cannabis

This article originally appeared in print in Hill Magazine and online in the Arkansas Traveler here

In a house in Little Rock with a small group of fellow supporters, Ryan Denham, 34, sat in front of a TV for several hours. 3,776 more words


A Purpose Driven Life: Teach The Young Justice-Involved Individuals Lessons To Learn

On regular days at the Fortune Society —a nonprofit organization that supports successful reentry from incarceration—, one could take a glimpse into Michael Perez’ office and easily find him in the midst of paperwork; writing reports, fulfilling compliance checks, and ensuring that his staff counselors are able to do their work timely. 1,016 more words

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News Feature Adaption.

This has been inspired by the below Mix Mag feature, as it is very story- based and includes his interview as the main plot and purpose of the feature:

When your life depends on it: Can depression end up killing you?

An undergraduate student from Cardiff University was found dead due to depression. Mental health advisers raise awareness on detecting depression.

Cardiff University undergraduate commuted suicide in her flat after suffering from depression for years. 327 more words


Speak out your love to your Mum

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday and for stressed students who are miles from home it’s a chance to say a very big thank you to your Mother. 635 more words


Muslims & Black Folks In America: An Attempt To Shatter The Wall Of Prejudice

In a spacious room at New York Presbyterian Church in Washington D.C., dozens of young Muslims Americans, mostly from Arab and South Asian ethnicity, along with a handful of African-Americans gathered. 1,161 more words

News Feature

A Formerly Incarcerated Man Finds His Own Way To Recover From Mental Illness, No More Anger & Forced Injections

After two decades of breathing in freedom, Wallace Kirby, an advocate for University Legal Services in Washington, reflects on an ingrained adolescent memory of being incarcerated in and also escaping from, various jails. 1,633 more words

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