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~Graphoanalyst Introduces A Possible Approach To Determine Traits Of A Bully And A Victim... A Review By Stefanie Sanchez - ReadersMagnet ~

~Graphoanalyst Introduces A Possible Approach To Determine Traits Of A Bully And A Victim… A Review By Stefanie Sanchez – ReadersMagnet ~

Roxbury, CT – … 252 more words

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Reports on Ings History Walk 20th June and Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 22nd June 2017

Fifteen people appeared magically for the walk around Clifton Ings and Rawcliffe Meadows led by Martin Hammond on the evening of 20th June. Luckily a combination of dry weather and not excessive heat made for a comfortable time. 209 more words

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Glastonbury Artists Show Solidarity With #teamGlasto4Tibet

As the Glastonbury Festival launches in England more excellent news from #teamGlasto4TIBET who have announced that this year their activism for Tibet, which they organize at the event annually , is being partnered by three hugely creative and significant artists who are performing at the festival. 114 more words

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Iconic Glastonbury Outlets In Solidarity With #teamGlasto4TIBET

Image: archivenet

During the past few weeks our Twitter colleagues @Glasto4TIBET have been in 24/7 action preparing for Glastonbury Festival which launches June 21. It  looks like the Tibetan flag will be flying again, thanks to some amazing  folks who’ve offered their support in ensuring that the issue of Tibet will have a positive presence at the event. 129 more words

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BGR Provides Emergency Relief to Countries Facing Famine and Floods

by BGR Staff

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At the recent annual projects meeting on May 7th, the BGR board voted to provide $20,000 for emergency relief in four countries currently affected by near-famine conditions: South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, and Yemen. 216 more words

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The Story of the Ouse Ings - a guided walk Tue 20th June 2017 at 6:30

You’re probably aware that the remaining Ings meadows along the River Ouse are an important part of York’s natural environment. But these grasslands can also tell us fascinating stories about how local people used the resources around them. 189 more words

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