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"Welcome home and thank you for your service."

On the 11th day of November every year, we in the United States pause to honor the men and women who have served in our armed forces. 580 more words

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Avenging Kayla Mueller's shining spirit

Perhaps there is now justice for humanitarian worker Kayla Mueller.

The ISIS leader responsible for her kidnapping, torture, and death has died at the hands of an American military operation fittingly named for her. 1,267 more words

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Still healing at Tree of Life synagogue 1 year later

Reading this news story reminds me that a year ago a tragedy occurred that I had an indirect connection to. When you read about far away events in the news, it’s easy to feel disconnected, to think things like that don’t happen in my circle. 1,507 more words

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Dr. Charles Krauthammer- eternal Washington Nationals fan

When I read Dr. Krauthammer’s book, Things That Matter, one of the most important things I learned wasn’t about politics, medicine, or ethics, subjects he knew well and wrote about often. 1,293 more words

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September Timely Topics- a potpourri of issues and events

September feels like we’re in the home stretch of the year, two thirds of the way through. Where I live, the first day of autumn happens. 574 more words

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