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[FACEBOOK & TWITTER TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Facebook Message 2017.11.27: An Arrow of Accusation

After Yoo Ah In posted his first Facebook message, “I’m a Feminist”, on November 26th, a lot of people sent him supportive messages, and at the same time, many angry Megalia attacked him online. 5,940 more words


A Military Officer Sends Heartfelt Message to Yoo Ah In

While Yoo Ah In was having some debate with ‘Megalia’ at twitter, and the Ilbes and Megals, anti-feminist and pro-feminist individuals having a huge “battle” in… 1,045 more words


Yoo Ah In to Play Mega Investor for Upcoming Film "Sovereign Default"

While nearly wrapping Lee Chang Dong’s movie “Burning“, Yoo Ah In has confirmed another lead role for a new film about the Korean economic crisis… 310 more words


[FACEBOOK & TWITTER TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Facebook Message 2017.11.26: Feminism & Cyber-bullying

Yoo Ah In has turned to social media once again to speak out against malicious commenters. This time, he was involved in a debate with… 6,155 more words


Yoo Ah In's Facebook Message 2017.11.01: The Cries of My Generation

As you might already knew, the evil K-nets (I won’t say “K-nets” but “evil K-nets” because not all the Korean netizens are evil and ignorant) are offended by Yoo Ah In’s ‘RIP’ response following actor Kim Joo Hyuk’s passing for some absurd reasons. 4,093 more words


New City Program Places Homeless with Host Families


An innovative new city program backed by the union will help the homeless to leave their shelters to live with a host family. 345 more words


[PHOTOS, VIDEOS & TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In reads his 7-minute penned letter, is a happy virus in Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo's wedding

On October 31st, Yoo Ah In attended and participated in Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s wedding (a.k.a Song-Song Couple Wedding).

Yoo Ah In, as the Song-Song Couple’s best friend, and also Song Hye Kyo’s colleague of the same agency, read his own written congratulations letter for the couple in the wedding ceremony at the Shilla Hotel, Seoul. 1,395 more words