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Under A Spell - The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

I know I am not alone in thinking how drastically we as a people, a nation of principals, integrity and so-called righteous, have fallen so far from being what we profess to be. 822 more words


Why I Will NOT Fly a 737 Max

Until such time as there are MECHANICAL changes to the 737 Nax, I will not fly one.

Why? Well, here’s how hard it is to get proper “trim” (i.e. 265 more words

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CBC Fabricating Fake News Caught Poking The Rebel

Isn’t it delicious when someone is doing “Dirty Tricks” and gets a load of their own muck as blowback?

Seems the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (publicly funded) was trying a fabrication story / entrapment in collusion with a blatant left wing activist and got caught. 82 more words

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Julian Assange Has Been Arrested

Who points of view. Fox Business giving the USA perspective (without the crazy left spin of CNN / MSNBC). Has a riff on the Trump / Dossier / DNC connection. 73 more words

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“I have seen the future and it...” Are video game streaming platforms the way to go?

A few days ago, Google announced their intro into the gaming world. Named “Google Stadia”, the platform does not include any hardware, aside from an optional controller, but will essentially be a cloud service where you could play the selected game on just about any internet connected device such as laptops, PCs, tablets, or a Smart TV. 823 more words

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Kinda Has A Handle On Things...

Sydney Watson as an American, sort of, Down Under…

On what’s happening now:

On Self Defense:

On Gun Laws in Australia:

What happens when you can’t defend yourself and the police are 20 minutes away? 318 more words

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737 Max & MCAS Videos

There are some videos by a pilot, including time in the cockpit simulator, explaining what goes on during stall, what makes the 737 MAX handle differently, and why that would be problematic. 391 more words

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