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Watch As This BBC Reporter Gets Peed On By A Little Lamb

The unpredictable nature of reporting the news live on TV has always given the Internet a wealth of quality material to laugh at. This video is no exception. 96 more words


Reporting not being the news?

In the good old days of TV news coverage, whenever that was, we used to see smartly dressed news readers sitting behind desks who would tell us as much about the news of the day as we need to know. 375 more words



LAST week, I received a call from an old friend in England. He’s thinking of going for a faraway vacation with his family and there are a few countries on his list of potential destinations. 1,175 more words

Wee Choo Keong

The write choice

The write choice
Subhayan Dutta letters@hindustantimes.com
Hindustan Times (Kolkata)
Jun 20 2015

KOLKATA: With the job market demanding versatility from candidates, students are scouting for courses that would allow them to work on multiple platforms. 557 more words

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Happy to be (almost) French

This lovely story was published in (Je Suis) Charlie Hebdo, and one of the journalists on the national radio thought it worthy of broadcasting this morning, though I don’t know which day the incident occurred. 225 more words

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And so it ends

The news reporting and writing course ended the previous week on Wednesday. I sorta feel sad because the course was so interesting and I actually felt what being a reporter is like not to mention got a reality check on my writing style and bagged some tips to make it better. 142 more words

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Seek diversity of opinions in the Internet age

In the age of the Internet, information becomes easier than ever to get, and to share. But convenience should not replace integrity. Hone your skills to discern the integrity of information that comes to your news feed. 89 more words