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The Obvious Bandits: A City Under Siege?!

By: Hector Blizzen

Sunday Augusta 5, 1043—The city of Kinnley has a problem, dear readers. No, it’s not the recent rise in street car fares or the back-ups in the sewer system which have been popping up in recent weeks. 1,263 more words

How reporting 'terrorism' leads to racism

One of the great things about technology and media is that we are able to report or listen to events as they unfold in real-time. Especially since the rise in 24 hour news bulletins it’s hard to find events which will capture the readers attention for a long time. 421 more words



I’m going to name this entry “the library is dying” because in class we learned about making up interesting headlines and I think “dying” is a very quick way of capturing the crowds attention. 588 more words

My Personal Experience

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, and Nation of Drama

Our “News” stations aren’t exactly talking about “News” anymore.

I’m sure this has become obvious to a lot of people a long time ago, but I have recently come across the news every now and then, and I must say… it’s just disappointing. 522 more words

Angry Rant

Verification and double check!


The class was all about double checking facts before quoting them and verifying sources in your work but thats not what I’d like to write about today, I’m more concerned about the “rape” article published and then retracted by rolling stone. 545 more words

My Personal Experience

The day when Story 2 took a different path.

Okay, the title of this post may seem a little irrelevant to News Reporting, but hear me out. Yesterday, things really took a different turn. 118 more words


Light bulb for Story 2.

My next idea for my second story is pretty straightforward.

There is this new bush walk in our community that will connect existing tracks and streets. 83 more words