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Chinese fashion photographer in New York, what is stressful but enjoyable

Wearing a black and white blouse with a grey jacket, and sitting at Third Rail Coffee located in the East Village of New York, Haiyin Lin a 26-year-old Chinese women is thinking about her expanding plan in Beijing, China. 1,129 more words

News Reporting

Self Reflection 4:

Step Forward Pakistan is a volunteer organization, initiated by some students of Islamic international university Islamabad. I came to know about this organization through social media. 93 more words

I Finally Gave Twitter a Chance

Social media has become part of everyday life for consumers. I partake in social media just as much as the next person, especially Instagram. I hadn’t really been a fan of Twitter because I just couldn’t see the appeal of people tweeting short sentences about their lives. 295 more words

Self Reflection 3:

I always thought weather stories would be very easy to compose. but that’s simply not the case. I chose to write a weather story due to continous changes in the weather everyday. 149 more words

Self reflection 2:

I got the idea of writing my second story from the social media.

After the nail-biting of match of India and Pakistan in the t20 world cup 2016, the whole nation chose social media to troll singer Shafqat Amanat Ali, who made a few mistakes while singing the “qoumi-Tarana”. 97 more words

Self Reflection 1

The first story i wrote was about an ancient Haveli,situated in the old streets of Rawalpindi. I got to know about the mighty Haveli as a haunted one. 128 more words