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Is racism over yet? How about now?

My computer has a working keyboard again! Which is good, because now that I can type “a href” instead of ” hre”, I can get back to sharing…links like these. 361 more words

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Cool politics, past and present

Harriet Tubman: Civil War military operation director.

Deadshot Mary, real-life hotshot 1930s undercover detective.

I can’t believe that, when I studied the House Committee on Un-American Activities in school, nobody ever mentioned to us that… 140 more words

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Big Analytics Roundup (September 12, 2016)

On a Google blog, Kaz Sato describes how a Japanese farmer uses TensorFlow to classify cucumbers. Very good. Perhaps now Google can set TensorFlow to work figuring out how to comply with EU… 885 more words

News Roundup

Making Veggies Tastier, Low-Sugar Desserts and a Brief History Lesson

As summer turns into autumn and the school year has officially started, we can start to feel too busy to learn anything new. To help you out, we gathered some of the best articles in K-12 foodservice for you last month. 254 more words

Railway Age: DART from your plane to a train

Airline passengers arriving at Dallas Love Field have a convenient way to plan their use of DART’s public transportation system before leaving the airport, reports Railway Age. 126 more words

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The voter fraud is coming from inside the GOP

“Donald Trump’s new presidential campaign chief is registered to vote in a key swing state at an empty house where he does not live.” Well, would you look at where the voter fraud is. 313 more words

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In the news this month: August

News and Travel Editor

Welcome to China Icons ‘In the news this month: August’ edition! It’s been a busy month of national festivals, Olympic love stories and big news in tech.

356 more words