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TERA-EU: Launch of Elections

The Political System is on the move in both regions; US and EU. This week Elections are starting and Frogster released the dates of each stage of Election in Europe.  49 more words

TERA-EU: Details about PCC, Head Start and Launch

Frogster released yesterday additional information regarding Pre Character Creation (PCC), Head Start and Launch of TERA Online.


On Thursday, the 26th of April 2012 the pre-character creation (PCC) phase will begin for TERA. 

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TERA-EU: Newsletter

Frogster released yesterday a Newsletter to the community which gives additional infos about the game regarding some questions from the Official Forums.


Hello to all TERA fans out there, 

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TERA-EU: New Shop system available

European TERA released yesterday a new shop system. 

First of all, you’ll still be able to buy the digital standard edition including pre-order bonuses and the digital collector’s edition including the pre-order bonuses.  131 more words

TERA-EU: Open Beta - Everything you need to Know

All servers for our open beta will open on Thursday, 19th of April at 3 pm CEST / GMT +2 and they will stay open until  375 more words

TERA-EU: Open Beta - Patch Notes

Frogster released today the Patch Notes for the Open Beta event. With the start of the open beta they are also deploying a new client build. 235 more words

TERA-EU: CBT 5 - Hellfire Tournament

In European CBT 5 we had some interesting events that happening all across the servers. One of the PvP events was the Hellfire Tournament, which was organized by the guild… 93 more words