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Brain Imaging Reveals Psychiatric Disorders are Not Neurological Disorders

Areas affected in neurological disorders (a) and psychiatric disorders (b). From The British Journal of Psychiatry

by Justin Karter,

Some researchers have been arguing to reclassify all psychiatric disorders as diseases of the brain and nervous system, similar to epilepsy or Parkinson’s disease. 339 more words


Activists urge FSB to launch nationwide anti-terrorist public movement

The Federal Security Service building (former KGB) on Lubyanka Square in Moscow. © Vitaliy Belousov / Sputnik

The Russian Public Chamber has proposed giving ordinary citizens a larger role in the anti-terrorist effort by creating a national movement that would help security services and prevent the spreading of extremist ideas in the community.

345 more words


New David Bowie album, inspired by Kendrick Lamar, features LCD's James Murphy

David Bowie, in the video for forthcoming single Blackstar. Photograph: Johan Renck

Music producer Tony Visconti has shared some insights into the new David Bowie album, … 317 more words


Science Is Proving That Tragic Curses Are Real

PREPARING PATRICIDE: In the Greek tragedy Electra, Clytemnestra murders her husband Agamemnon. Her son, Orestes, eventually takes revenge by killing her. Wikimedia

Epigenetics and behaviorism suggest the ancient Greeks were right. 607 more words


Gangs of New York: Sicilian mafia offers Big Apple protection from ‘psychopathic’ ISIS

Eneas De Troya/Flickr

The son of a New York mob boss has given Islamic State a stark warning, saying if they are planning any attacks in New York, they will have to contend with the Sicilian mafia. 336 more words


Video: Horde of refugees swarm German streets, attack citizens and police in droves

Coming to a city near you

By Lexi Morgan

(INTELLIHUB) — According to video footage posted on YouTube hundreds of refugees were recently filmed terrorizing the German populace in what can only be considered an attack of some kind. 52 more words


Is Big Pharma About To Be Banned From Advertising Drugs?

By Jake Anderson

Big Pharma has the highest average profit margins of any of the five major industrial sectors, matched only by banks. In 2012 alone, the top 11 major pharmaceutical companies made… 461 more words