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The Liberation of Loretta Lynch

After being held hostage by a ruthless Republican majority for an absurd 164 days,  Loretta Lynch,  President Obama’s choice to replace Eric Holder at the Justice Department was easily confirmed by the Senate by a margin of 56-43 with ten Republicans voting for the first African-American woman to serve as… 736 more words

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Percentage Visitors to the Darling Dorpskoerant sorted by Country

A list of visitors to the website over the past 9 months is quite interesting. About 28.38% of all visitors are from beyond our borders. 129 more words

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Ramaphosa: Perfectly Poised to be President

by Chris Gibbons – “The Vice Presidency isn’t worth a bucket of warm piss.” A legendary quip attributed to an American politician called John Nance Garner, known in his day as “Cactus Jack”, in reference to his prickly tongue. 1,068 more words

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How My IUD Made My Skin the Best It's Ever Been

Last summer, my family and I attended the wedding of a close family friend. As the guests filed out onto the dance floor, my mother walked over to me while I was deep in conversation with some of the bride’s college-age cousins. 1,142 more words

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7 New Sunscreen Formulas to Try

As the sun ups its appearance, you should also up your sunscreen use. “Your winter routine won’t cut it now,” says Joshua Zeichner, MD, dermatologist and director of cosmetic research at Mount Sinai Medical center in New York City. 606 more words

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Diet Pepsi Will No Longer Contain Aspartame

PepsiCo is removing the artificial sweetener aspartame from Diet Pepsi, the company has announced.

The low calorie sweetener, which is far sweeter than sucrose, has become a controversial ingredient in recent years. 95 more words

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Why Baby Swings and Car Seats Aren't Safe for Sleeping, According to One Study

FRIDAY, April 24, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Using car seats, swings, bouncers and other carrying devices as sleeping places for infants puts them at risk for injury or death, a new study warns. 307 more words

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