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App Spotlight: News360

Apps apps apps. They’ve become a necessity in our mobile lives. Rather than head to a website, it’s just simpler and in some cases, quicker, to click that app. 290 more words

Newsreader und OneNote - besser als Bookmarks

In Zeiten der Informationsüberflutung liegt die Lösung zu einer effizienten Informationsversorgung in News Apps, die über intelligente, lernende Filter verfügen. Möchte man sich etwas für später vormerken, ist das Setzen von Lesezeichen alleine reicht nicht mehr ausreichend – ich als Nutzer möchte die News sichern sowie anschliessend markieren und kategorisieren können.  438 more words

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The End of Zite–The Beginning of News360

Here’s the problem.  Every day on the internet millions of articles are published and some of them are ones I really want to read.  Finding those articles that are perfect for my peculiar interests is like finding Malaysia Flight 370’s black boxes in the middle of the Indian ocean.  Over the years various genius programmers have come up with systems for customized news reading.  The big breakthrough was RSS feeds, and then Google Reader.  But even then, you’d get hundreds or thousands of articles to sift through each day.  What’s really needed is some kind of AI smarts to find less than 50 daily news stories that can be quickly perused.  You want your news feed to only have stories that matter most to you.  After the iPad came out I discovered Zite, and thought I had found news nirvana.  Well, Zite is going, and I’m trying News360. 1,429 more words


News360 Adds Edelman And Network For Good As Advertisers To Its New Sponsored Content Program

Earlier this week, the makers of personalized news app News360 announced that they have launched their monetization efforts with a sponsored content program, where companies can pay to have their content promoted to relevant consumers. 309 more words


More Soccer Apps for the iPhone and iPad

In less than a month, we will begin a new season and I have been trying to get myself prepared and have tried out a few new apps and a few older apps to see what has worked so, if you have an iDevice, here are some recommendations on what apps you may want to try. 551 more words

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We Don't Need News Summaries, We Need Better Analysis: Yahoo, Summly And The Folly of Semantic Analysis

With Yahoo’s recent acquisition of the startup Summly, an app that summarizes news articles for iPhone consumption, Hamish McKenzie of PandoDaily raises a good point… 283 more words

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