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Obama April Fool in Chief

“Next month President Obama will appear on the cover of The Economist magazine,” Jodi Miller reports. “It’s their annual April Fool’s issue.” Miller also takes issue with Eric Holder, gene manipulation, college binge drinking, the Rolling Stones and Madonna in this edition of NewsBusted.

President Obama

NewsBusted - 15-083 - Video

Topics in today’s show:

– Next month, President Obama will appear on the cover of The Economist magazine.

– Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to charge Senator Robert Menendez with corruption. 103 more words

Public Opinion

Obama to Iran: "Let's make a deal!"

By Tom Quiner

The news is dark.

We need to lighten things up with some fun news from NewsBusted’s ace reporter, Jodi Miller. After all, it IS Friday. 73 more words

Political Satire

Obama-Iran: Let's Make A Deal

Jodi Miller reports, “In an interview with NBC News, Iran’s foreign minister renewed his country’s vow to annihilate Israel. To which President Obama said, ‘Let’s make a deal.” In this edition of NewsBusted, Miller also places the spotlight on Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and Apple.

President Obama

NewsBusted – 15-076 – Video

Topics in today’s show:

– The current cover of Time magazine depicts Hillary Clinton with devil’s horns.

– Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is threatening to derail her upcoming campaign. 83 more words

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