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NewsBusted 08/01/15 (VIDEO)


— President Obama
— Overtime Pay
— Hillary Clinton
— Iran
— British Royal Family
— Greece
— Oregon Marijuana
— Starbucks
— Martin O’Malley


Flying High in Oregon

“Air travelers in Oregon are now permitted to fly with up to an ounce of recreational marijuana,” reports Jodi Miller. “And if the weed is potent enough, they won’t even need a plane.” Miller targets President Obama, Iran’s foreign minister, Hillary Clinton, Britain’s Royal Family, Greece and Starbucks in this edition of NewsBusted.

President Obama

NewsBusted - 15-209 - Video

Topics in today’s show:

– President Obama has proposed making 5 million more people eligible for overtime pay.

– A recent poll shows that only 39% of Americans have a favorable view of Hillary Clinton. 72 more words

Public Opinion

NewsBusted 07/25/15 (VIDEO)

— President Obama Job Approval
— Iran Nuclear Deal
— Donald Trump
— John McCain
— El Chapo
— Choctaw Nation
— Francisco Sanchez
— 50 Cent


Obama: Iran Deal a win-win

Jodi Miller reports, “That an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program has been reached, but the deal is unpopular with the American people and Israel. Or as President Obama call its, ‘a win-win.” Miller also sets her sights on Obama’s job approval rating, Donald Trump, John McCain, El Chapo and 50 Cent in this edition of NewsBusted.


NewsBusted - 15-202 - Video

Topics in today’s show:

– President Obama’s job approval rating has taken a big hit.

– The agreement over the Iran nuclear deal is unpopular with Israel and also with the American people. 82 more words

Public Opinion

NewsBusted 07/18/15 (VIDEO)

— Democrats
— Hillary Clinton
— Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg
— Great Wall of China
— Donald Trump
— New TERMINATOR movie
— Florida Black Bears
— Selfie Sticks