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Giving Up On Useless Conservative Media

I know you’re all busy. And I know you can’t see, let alone respond to, everyone who tries to engage with you on Twitter. But I’ve tried for more than five years and am yet to get even a modicum of substantive, respectful engagement. 1,593 more words

News Of The Day

Dan Rather: a shameless rehabilitation

One of our top ten stooges for 2015 was Robert Redford, whom we celebrated for his movie Truth, which turned Dan Rather’s career-ending violation of basic journalistic principles into a virtue. 620 more words

Show Business

Media Research Center Illustrates Media Bias In Obama Vs Trump First 100 Days

MRC Newsbusters published 2 reports yesterday showing the stark differences between the treatment President Trump and Obama got from the press. As though a report is needed, the differences are obvious to the layman to perceive, MRC drove home just how differently the treatment is. 930 more words


the russians did it ... the real scandal

The media ignored it: Nets Devote Only 11 Minutes to Clinton Foundation Scandals

Yet the Clinton partnership with Putin and Russia is the story the media wont tell you. 260 more words


NBC Ignores Gun Defense in Home Invasion, Warns Viewers: ‘Don’t Fight Back’

H/T NewsBusters.

NBC will ignore the fact firearms are used in home defense because it does not fit their anti gun agenda.

n a report for Monday’s NBC… 1,073 more words

NYT searches for it's own swamp's plughole ...

The New York Times, in a bid to counter the skeptical side in the AGW war, admits that it’s warmist readers are dumb. Unwittingly, of course, but that’s the media we know today. 419 more words