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NYT searches for it's own swamp's plughole ...

The New York Times, in a bid to counter the skeptical side in the AGW war, admits that it’s warmist readers are dumb. Unwittingly, of course, but that’s the media we know today. 419 more words


You Can Call Me Boss(y)

In 2014, Leanin.org started a campaign called #banbossy. Its aim is to prohibit the use of the word “bossy” to describe out-going, self-assured girls and women. 519 more words

BET Awards: Clinton Rally, Then a Sermon Against Abusive 'Invention Called Whiteness'

The BET Awards became a Hillary fund raiser and campaign ad.

Blacks obliviously do not care about the way Bill and Hillary actually talked about and feel about blacks. 145 more words

NewsBusted - 16-152 - Video

Topics in today’s show:

– According to a new poll, 31% of voters think Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy.

– A 27 year old New York man who joined ISIS said it was the worst decision he ever made. 90 more words

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NewsBusted - 16-145 - Video

Topics in today’s show:

– There’s finally some good economic news this week.

– President Obama will be in Japan this Friday.

– Bernie Sanders easily won the Oregon Primary last week. 79 more words

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NewsBusted – 16-138 – Video

Topics in today’s show:

– A study by USA Today found that only one in eight U.S. households is living The American Dream.

– The Month of May is National Barbecue Month. 94 more words


NewsBusted – 16-131 – Video

Topics in today’s show:

– Donald Trump is now a lock to become the Republican nominee.

– Last Thursday was Cinco de Mayo.

– President Obama gave the Commencement Speech at Howard University. 77 more words

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