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Changes for SEA 2019 - English Language Arts

Allocation of marks for Task 1 – Spelling
Look out for ALL the changes for SEA 2019 in the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday SEA Study Series compiled by Aleph Educators.


Changes for SEA 2019 - Mathematics

Instead of questions having multiple parts they will be phrased as one and be worth 3 or 4 marks in total.
Look out for ALL the changes for SEA 2019 in the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday SEA Study Series compiled by Aleph Educators.


Newsday: Gaza shelling

this morning (wednesday 30th), 7.12-7.21am, on bbc world service radio
newsday leads with …

”The UN Security Council is due to meet later today to discuss the upsurge of violence between Palestinian militants in Gaza and the Israeli army.” 29 more words

A day for big front page mistakes


What, youse guys got something against apostrophes? Who OKd this hed?


Ya’ll probably didn’t realize there is a correct way to display the Mexico tricolor when it’s hung/displayed vertically.

For the record:


I Have No Faith In Belmont

Previously I had written that an arena at Belmont Park would not happen, and my post was immediately hit with criticism from Islander fans saying I was wrong. 785 more words