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Mental Edge: How To Make The Most Out of Interpersonal Relationships

The holidays are here. It is time for parties, family gatherings, and social engagements galore! I know many people don’t look forward to the amount of socializing that goes on around this time of year. 758 more words


Mental Edge: If You Don't Take Care of Yourself, Who Will?

5 Keys To Improve Self-Care

Is there ever a good time to slow down? Do we appreciate people telling us to relax and not worry so much when there is so much to get done? 781 more words


November 2015: What is Mental Fitness? Connecting, Receving and Transforming Our Emotions

If you followed my pre-contest diet without a contest video series, you are aware that I have recently intentionally put myself through a mental transformation. Having been a fitness and figure competitor for 20 years, it was pretty easy for me to dial in a diet and let go of the security blanket of hiding my emotions through food. 832 more words


Meet Melissa Demmers and find out why she is jumping for joy

An excerpt from one of our newsletter archives, meet the lovely….

Melissa Demmers

Born: Pentiction, BC. Now lives in Vancouver, BC Canada.


People who are really committed to their goals and dream and are fearless about it. 133 more words


A dip in the archives with a little jumping joy from Sierra Tasi Baker

Sierra Tasi Baker

Q.What was your experience doing the jumping photos?
Awesome, the sun peeked out from the Vancouver clouds just long enough for us to do our shoot. 190 more words

Jump For Joy Photo Project

Oct 6, Fall Share, Week 1

In this share: Chard, Cabbage, Carrots, Radishes, Green Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Delicata Squash, Lettuce

Welcome to your fall farm share experience! We’re thrilled that you’re joining us for a season of celebrating and experimenting with local food. 196 more words

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Labor of love (and our love of our labor!)

In this share: Tomatoes, Carrots, Collards, Lettuce, Garlic, Peppers, Cilantro, Arugula or Radish, Cukes or Zukes
Given our haggard appearances at pick-up I’m sure many of you assume we’re running this wild show on our own. 329 more words

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