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Words and Wonder: Mysterious Synchronicities and Covert Solomonic Consecrations by Easter Mass

By Frater S.C.F.V.

A. An Unexpected Trinity: Trifecta of Mysterious Synchronicities

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, the Holy Day on which Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, which enabled him to complete his mission of establishing the New Covenant, liberating humanity through faith from their ancient legacy of erroneous action that missed the mark ( 1,672 more words

Black Mom Says Daughters Were Expelled From Christian School For Having Different Fathers

Two young Black sisters were reportedly recently kicked out of their private Christian school in Ohio because the administrative pastor said their mom gave birth to the children out-of-wedlock. 493 more words


We love everything by Nina Levine !

We have devoured everyone of her books.

I signed up for her newsletters a long time ago. In these newsletters, we are getting a chapter or chapters of “HurricaneHearts” a Storm MC romance ( Winter & Birdie ) . 217 more words

Book Reviews

Where Black Democrats Stand On Impeaching Trump After The Mueller Report

Although “#ImpeachDonaldTrump” trended high Monday morning on Twitter, most Black Democratic leaders appeared unconvinced that the House should start impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump… 544 more words


Black Kids Committing Suicide Because Of Bullying At School Seems To Be On The Rise

Though they haven’t been sharp increases, suicide rates for young Black people have been on the rise recently, according to statistics provided by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 722 more words


Brothers In The Jussie Smollett Attack Can't Find Acting Jobs

Jussie Smollett‘s career has been suffering since he was accused of staging a hate crime. At first it appeared the Osundairo brothers were riding high from all the press. 571 more words


Black Teen Viciously Attacked By Florida Officer Accused Of Acting ‘Aggressive’

The country has been outraged by the treatment of a 15-year-old in Florida who has only been identified as Lucca. After simply picking up a cell phone, he was pepper sprayed, thrown to the ground and repeatedly punched. 496 more words