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May 2018

Greetings! I am grateful to God for the extended time and opportunity to meet you again through this issue of newsletter. I am glad to resume this newsletter, after a long break. 2,501 more words


January - March 2014

The following are examples of statements selected from the answers by random people, who responded for a direct question: What do you think is the meaning of life? 2,361 more words


October – December 2013

Dear Friend


I am thanking God for the privilege given to me to be in contact with you through this newsletter once again. Unfortunate deaths happened during the recent bus travels clearly remind us that our life is quite uncertain, however prepared and secured we are. 2,506 more words


TinyLetter update

As per my last post, I’ve moved to TinyLetter.

  • If you want to know a bit more about my poetry-focused newsletter, Sucker for the Stars…
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The Ledger: Coinbase, XRP and the SEC, Blockchain Bubble Gum, Mt. Gox to Bithumb Hacks

When fines for pollution are too low, some companies will choose to foul the water. This may be bad from a moral and environmental standpoint, but it’s also a rational business strategy. 492 more words

The Ledger