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The Paradox

By taking a step back from all the convoluted and redundant media coverage concerning politicking, state actors, and extremist groups its become apparent that there exists an underlying paradox. 979 more words

BQB Rants #1 - Reporters During Storms

I really hate the media.

Sure, you might say, “But BQB, hate is a strong word.”  To that, I’d say, “Yes, but I’m using the word ‘hate’ just as you might say, ‘I hate licorice flavored jelly beans.”  I mean, I hate licorice flavored jelly beans, but not so much that I’d want to purge all licorice flavored jelly beans from the face of the Earth.  763 more words

'Call me a reporter, not a lady reporter'

ISLAMABAD: Participants of a seminar at the launch of Uks’ ‘Gender Just Media Drive’ said on Wednesday that women are being portrayed as commodities in the mainstream media and on entertainment channels. 505 more words

A Better Trump means a Hotter Fire

With a controversial Trump headline in the news every day, I question whether a slightly better Trump would make him appear much worse.

Russian collusion, healthcare, North Korea, wiretaps, tax returns, protecting our National parks; the list goes on. 287 more words