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MY GOD, it was announced at the E3 conference, that a kickstarter has been started for Shenmue 3! For context, Shenmue(the best game I have ever played) was released on dreamcast, as well as Shenmue 2. 206 more words


Ladies and Gentleman, Skip Bayless....

After a game 4 loss by the Cavs, and after a sub-par game from Lebron James that included a collision with a camera man, Skip Bayless said something that was even more outlandish than his normal crazy statements… 49 more words


Bob Ley...THE GAWD

After ripping Fifa a new one on sportscenter last week, Bob ley is at again. When talking about the situation Sepp Blatter resigning, Bob quoted a famous one liner from the hit show “The Wire”…


Bob Ley rips Fifa

As you may already know by now, Fifa has been caught in a huge scandal, and ESPN has had wall to wall coverage on the subject. 9 more words


My name is Oliver Queen, and this is...RAW

In case you missed it tonight, Arrow star Stephen Amell made a cameo on WWE Monday Night Raw tonight when Stardust got in his face tonight on the front row. 120 more words


Ric Bucher tweets about somebody else's kid

We finally found Steph Curry's flaw: parenting. Did you see Riley Curry last night? Kid was a menace. An adorable menace, but still…

— Ric Bucher (@RicBucher) …

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Is Hobbs coming back?

In an interview with Collider, here is what The Rock had to say when asked if he will be back for the next edition of the “Fast and the Furious” movie entitled “Furious 8″, coming in April of 2017… 130 more words