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El Español expect its value reaches 100 million over five years

 Albert Jiménez (@albertjimenez14) – El Español start running after the summer and already has more than 2 million euros, crowfunding world record in a digital medium… 145 more words


Principles of Journalism

Source: http://www.journalism.org/resources/principles-of-journalism/

Principles of Journalism

The first three years of the Project’s work involved listening and talking with journalists and others around the country about what defines the work. 1,052 more words


Newest Misleading Cancer Study

BBC Article – Most cancers ‘bad luck’, says US research 

You can always rely on researchers to come up with dubious studies, and this latest one is no except. 225 more words

Tweaker Bonnie and Cracked-Out Clyde

I got sent this story this morning by one of my besties, Katrina, while I was at work and I just HAD to share it. It’s too ridiculous not to: 226 more words


Susceptibility to supplies from China is one of the major concerns

In the past and present there have been times that the reliance on the imports of China have cost the end-use industries dear and for several intermediates and… 354 more words


Optimal usage of agrochemical key to raise food yield of India

Over the next two decades India is set to observe its largest ever phase of urbanisation and would like to keep food security without a scratch by promoting optimal usage of agrochemicals as a key to raise food yield of India. 386 more words


Asia the key driver of growth for petrochemical sector of Qatar

Qatar which is known as one of the largest liquefied natural gas producer of the world has branch out its exports away from the oil and gas sector and amid demand from the region fuelling investment and expansion projects, Asia remains an important driver of growth for… 386 more words