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Rockland Trust Got This Ad Wrong

Advertising is more than a good design. It’s psychology. It’s a way to send a message so effective that even if your conscience does not remember it, your subconscious will. 444 more words


Adaptation of news Medias.

News media is continuously figuring out ways to stay relevant in the world. They have all this information that needs to be told to the world in a timely and truthful manner. 472 more words

Ready Player One: The Great White Hope

I’ve been seeing a few articles come across my dash asking the question: Is Ready Player One Black Panther for White Guys?

My firm answer on this one is: Hell to the na!!! 895 more words


Enjoy your Daily Dose.

Welcome to a California based News blog that focuses on the cannabis industry.

“News is what someone wants suppressed. Everything else is advertising. The power is to set the agenda.

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The Cultural Mapping of President Trump’s Tweets

President Trump’s Twitter account has been the subject of media scrutiny in the first year of his presidency, where Trump’s recent “stable genius” tweet in reaction to those questioning his mental fitness for office has come into focus in the last month. 283 more words

The Paradox

By taking a step back from all the convoluted and redundant media coverage concerning politicking, state actors, and extremist groups its become apparent that there exists an underlying paradox. 979 more words