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Insects and Gloom at The Ottawa Journal

Rest in Peace my old friend – it died 35 years ago this week

The old Ottawa Journal is one of three newspapers I used to work on that exist no longer. 1,901 more words

Jumping for joy: And why there's more to A Level coverage than airborne teenagers

A Level results day brings back various memories for many reporters. Late-night inputting of every result in East Lancashire with fellow reporters at the Lancashire Evening Telegraph after someone had deemed we didn’t need extra copytakers to get them into the system is the first one which springs to mind. 339 more words


Stop press: Journalism, digital targets, Towie clap-trap and being blocked on Twitter

Somehow, I feel I ended up in the eye of of storm, or at least a great debate, over my views on the editor’s gut instinct v web analytics. 848 more words


Richard Corriere’s Media Insider: "I wanna go fast"

Richard Corriere’s Media Insider:  Ricky Bobby and Talladega Nights

Give us saying, “I’m sorry,”  Local media companies have issues with aging audience, fraud, viewability, and infrastructure costs.  224 more words


For the love of local newspapers --

I interpret the blogging 101 daily assignment for today as to write to my audience. I am not sure I have an audience, but just in case … 308 more words

Blogging 101

Perhaps the most startling UGC photos to ever be submitted to a newspaper?

Stories involving people complaining about the state of public toilets have long been bread-and-butter content for newsrooms up and down the country.

But here’s a case of the cleaners striking back. 138 more words


Time for regional newspapers to unbundle content and turn their back on mass media to help keep journalists in a job

For most of their lives, regional newspapers have bundled content together and thrown it into their products, like chucking paint at a wall.

The idea was/is to satisfy all of their customers at once by putting content together from all walks of life, on numerous subjects from a variety of places, in the hope that readers will find comfort from a couple of articles per edition. 900 more words