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Everyday Inspiration... I write because...

In response to Writing: Finding Everyday Inspiration, Day 1:

I’ve been writing for so long that I have a hard time remembering when or why I started. 461 more words

How to clean your Nintendo 3DS (Or computer, cell phone, laptop... etc)

1. Don’t add too much water or soap

2. Wipe away fast but don’t make “rainbows” ’cause it’s like $50 bucks worth if you do, DO that! 33 more words


Dear Carol Dawn Rush...

If you’re reading this, it means you must be looking for someone you saw on the last day of the 4th grade, and you’re probably wondering who Megan Mary Shoe is. 167 more words


'I can't believe I just drove!' The amazing moment a man born without arms or legs achieves the latest feat in his remarkable journey… and drives a car

  • Australian-born Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs
  • The best-selling author shared the moment he learnt how to drive
  • Footage was aired on American TV network TLC on Wednesday…
  • 698 more words