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When the Financial Times Writes Silly Bullshit, at Least it's Pragmatic

In the foppish, sweaty, desperately condescending tone of an Oxford Don dressing down an undergraduate in lecture who resisted his leering advances at the pub the night previous, 584 more words

I Think Certain Words And Phrases Have Talismanic Powers That Render Incoherence Wise

Chapter 27

That night, Pearl’s phone buzzed just as she and Ruby were sitting down in the study with their tea.

It was Red. Pearl pressed the speaker button so Ruby could hear. 797 more words

Becky Holland: My letter of apology to Walter Cronkite

Dear Mr. Cronkite,

May I call you Walter?I know you have been gone since 2009, probably enjoying reporting the news in Heaven.

As I read the newspapers in print and online and watch the news, I wonder what you, my journalistic hero, Walter Cronkite would have to say about journalism today and the way it appears to be going. 756 more words

Becky Holland

The Pot calling the Kettle Black

This is not the first time that my blood has boiled over the Telegraph and its articles about running. You might remember this incident:

On numerous occasions it has been pointed out to me that the Telegraph file all of their articles about running under ‘Men’. 243 more words

Exploring Newspapers for Inspiration

Exploring Newspapers for Inspiration

by C.K. Thomas

For a couple of years way back in the 1980s, I worked indexing The Arizona Republic and The Phoenix Gazette… 469 more words

Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion

Occipital Sacrifice

Give up the platitude 
For page 1
I know you have it in you;

O me! 
O life! 

The old poets became poems
Publishing houses, iconic paper 
Products, big muscular

Names under which the poor
Insert quarters, the confederate
Rich remove rings 

Of Saturnalia, too 
On the nose.

Your World Is About To Change Forever!

I have spent a lot of my life studying media trends. Not just which TV show or radio station is doing well, but why. And I’ve come up with the “Reincarnation Theory” when it comes to media. 492 more words

Ad Revenues Fall For Print