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Film Review: The Fourth Estate

Cast your mind back to 2011 and think about which news stories dominated the headlines that year. The phone hacking scandal should be one of the things that pop into your head. 574 more words


Seldom Has This Community Been Universally Shocked: New Jersey Newspapers React to the Passing of George McClellan

Today, we are pleased to welcome back guest author William Griffith.

This past December, for my twenty-third birthday, I did what any normal person my age would do – or at least I tell myself this – and made a cemetery pilgrimage. 1,357 more words


My work from home week

THIS week has been pretty amazing…and a bit stressful in equal measure! Being self employed does have some massive advantages and means that my week is often very varied and hectic. 371 more words


An Excerpt This Saturday's Paper

The Editor of The Saturday Paper said it would be moving towards more engagement with its audience, at RMIT on Monday the 13th of April. 126 more words


Consider Reading Your Community College Newspaper

This year I discover an area of reading that I had never explored before: our local community college publications. Like many people, I assumed that their newspaper would only have stories of interest to those going to college. 272 more words


Exploring Newspapers: How Did Reese Blake Pope Live So Long?

My great-great grandfather, Reese Blake Pope was born in Bellville, Texas on 11 November 1878. He lived to be 94 years old and died in January 1973 in Kerr, Texas. 188 more words