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Cover Girl - The Importance of Magazine Diversity

When I was little, I used to hate my ‘Asian’ nose. I used to hope that it would one day become smaller and pointier. In all of my magazines, no one had a nose like mine. 799 more words

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Black Lives Matter: Ethiopian Jews

All around the world you have people of African descent being targeted, ostracized, and treated as sub-human. Not just in Israel, but the U.S, Brazil and many other countries. 159 more words


Barack Obama’s Long Game - Todd S. Purdum - POLITICO Magazine

Barack Obama is not a modest man, but when it comes to assessing his or any president’s place in the long American story, he has been heard to say, “We just try to get our paragraph right.” Yet the way a raft of recent events have broken sharply in his favor, Obama suddenly seems well on his way to writing a whole page—or at least a big, fat passage—in the history books… 26 more words


Heil Tolerance! #Nazi salute OK in #Switzerland…if it's not political — RT News

A Nazi salute may – or may not – land you in jail in Switzerland. Apparently, you are safe if you manage to prove that it was intended as a personal statement and not a marker of political affiliation, the country’s highest court has ruled. 62 more words


Communist crucifix for Pope Francis who lashes out at capitalism on Bolivia tour — RT News

Pope Francis has urged the people of Latin America to stand up to the world’s capitalist system and change the world economic order by creating a “truly communitarian economy” based on distribution of goods among all. 14 more words


RGV Corruption? You Don't Say!

Audio Here:

You know it’s something we always talk about. How politics are corrupt and how the politicians are always the last ones to admit it.   520 more words