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Big Banks Fined $5.7 Billion After Pleading Guilty to Global Currency Conspiracy

Big Banks Fined $5.7 Billion After Pleading Guilty to Global Currency Conspiracy.


Rachel Blevins
May 20, 2015

(TRUTHINMEDIA) On Wednesday, the Department of Justice announced that five major banks – Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, JPMorgan Chase, UBS and Citigroup – will be fined approximately $5.7 billion after pleading guilty to crimes involving the manipulation of global currencies and interest rates. 144 more words


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Baltimore Rioters ‘Thugs,’ but Not Texas Waco Bikers?

What are your thoughts? Are there a double standard by the police and media when it comes to the race of the perpetrators. Personally, at this time we it shouldn’t be a question.


#ISIS Recruitment Video: Excerpts from "There Is No Life Without #Jihad."

I do NOT support ISIS (though I sympathize with their political grievances).  But I am fascinated by the sophistication and quality of their recruiting materials.  With everyone I watch I better understand their appeal to the “better angels” of young muslims. 53 more words


Mujatweets - Fighting Jihad is as fun and easy as giving candy to kids! #isis #Iraq #isil

This looks like a great way to spend an afternoon in downtown Ramadi.  I’m guessing scenes like this are more common and attractive to would-be recruits that immolation vids.   8 more words


Vatican recognizes #Palestine as state in new treaty. #Israel government not pleased.

I’m guessing Pope Francis won’t be invited to address the Knesset any time soon!


"Today is the best day of my life!" in Farsi

This vid is part of a series on how to pronounce “Today is the best day of my life” in various languages.


Chelsea Manning rewrites the Espionage Act

Manning believes the government should have to prove ‘intent to harm the nation or some person’ in order to convict someone of ‘espionage’. Should they?