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India Just Called Pakistan ‘Terroristan’ At the U.N. General Assembly

India Just Called Pakistan ‘Terroristan’ At the U.N. General Assembly

India denounced Pakistan as “the land of pure terror” and branded it “Terroristan” in an explosive speech at the U.N. 417 more words


Sitting is Unhealthy, Standing is Unhealthy, Life is Dangerous, Fear Everything (Sarcasm)

Sitting at a desk all day will slowly eat away at one’s health—countless studies over the years have reaffirmed this common assumption.

Standing desks have become a popular solution to the sedentary lifestyle global workforces have created, but unless they have an option for sitting, they may not be a much healthier option. 39 more words

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Are you, or have you ever been, an RT or Sputnik pundit?

By Neil Clark | RT | September 19, 2017

The demands from the NATO/military-industrial complex-funded Atlantic Council and neocon hawks for RT and Sputnik to be forced to register as ‘foreign agents’ in the US, brings to mind similarly disturbing events which took place in the ‘Land of the Free’ in the early 1950s.

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Free Abortions Offered To Hurricane Harvey Victims

Texas abortion provider Amy Hagstrom-Miller looks on as Nancy Northup, President of The Center for Reproductive Rights speaks to the media

Free abortions will be provided to victims of Hurricane Harvey, the Category 4 storm that caused massive destruction throughout Texas. 405 more words


Nonprofits, Natural Disasters and Transparency

In the past two months, two hurricanes have devastated the southern United States. Nonprofits across the country have begun facilitating relief efforts, encouraging people to donate funds and time. 478 more words

Many Americans Are More Racist Than They Think: Poll

Very few Americans will say outright that they support neo-Nazism, white nationalism or the so-called alt right. But that doesn’t mean they don’t express support for some of the same racially-charged ideas and attitudes that such extremists espouse. 694 more words