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Take 5 for 5.

1. Russia bans yoga (The Independent)

2. AC/DC allow their music on streaming services, finally (Newsweek)

3. Misty Copeland named first black principal ballet dancer ( 16 more words


Garcia 1972 meets Newsweek 2015

Great news!  About six weeks ago, I received a preliminary query letter from Newsweek. Yes, that Newsweek…seems they were producing a special issue, commemorating Jerry Garcia and had found a photo I had taken of Garcia at a softball game back in 1972.   232 more words

Fine Images

Mostly Water

Whisky may be the water of life, but plain old H2O has a huge part to play in our world today.

I submit 2 articles on the subject that are very much worth reading. 35 more words


A Rivalry; Traditional Vs. Brand Journalism.

Everywhere we look we are being subjected to advertisements; commercials, billboards and display ads are constantly surrounding us. Traditional marketing targeted consumers to inform us about the benefits of using a certain products or brands, however; with the rise of the Internet and social media, we seeing more branded journalism and content marketing. 1,530 more words

Learning From A Writing-Master

Abigail Jones wrote an article,“You Too Can Write a Best-Seller,”  in Newsweek recently. The article focused on James Patterson, who is “the Guinness World Recorder holder as the author with the most No. 326 more words


Week of 6/13/2015

This Week

After my sterling, Pulitzer Prize winning conclusion to yesterday’s article, if you understood that I have no love for Waco, you’d be right. As a matter of fact, if ISIS were to hit Waco I’d probably just say, “Good shot!” I have reasons for this. 6,818 more words


Sociopath victim mentality

The one thing that a sociopath is good at is playing victim. When you first meet the sociopath they will tell you stories, about how horrific their ex was.You will not know it, but often the sociopath will accuse the ex of what they were guilty of doing themselves.  635 more words


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