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Iowa Caucus Version 2.0?

The process of caucusing is dated and, without a doubt, a bit confusing. (Please see this article for a brief explanation of the intricacies surrounding the Iowa caucus.) Democrats and Republicans have different procedures, but the ultimate result is the same: a collection of well-thought out votes. 652 more words

Did Bowie Plan for A Musical Afterlife?

Yes, according to Newsweek.

Newsweek, quite a serious publication, published an article which claims that David Bowie left behind numerous albums to be released only after his death. 238 more words


Apparently, this 'Newsweek' cover said more than its allowed thousand words

Sady Doyle writes for Elle.com a fashion and beauty website for women. She recently came out criticizing Newsweek magazine on a December cover story entitled “America’s Abortion Wars.” 386 more words


This is a Newsweek writer commenting on Ted Cruz supporters. The Tweet has since been deleted.


Keeping the Motor Running

The creative geniuses of art and science work obsessively. They do not lounge under apple trees waiting for fruit to fall or lightning to strike. “When inspiration does not come to me,” Freud once said, “I go halfway to meet it.” Bach wrote a cantata every week, even when he was sick or exhausted. 336 more words


Ralph Schoenstein on the virtue of self-infatuation

One day last spring I stood before 20 children of eight and nine in [a] third-grade class to see if any heroes or heroines were inspiring them.

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