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From the Editor's Desk: The Edgier Minstrel

Originally published in Issue 2, Fifty-First Year of The Minstrel (September 22, 2016). Click here to view the entire issue. 

“If it bleeds, it leads” is the popular quote in journalism. 440 more words



You will have to read it and decide for yourself.

A Curse That Bites Deep, coming Saturday, October 1.

More Info:  http://thefensk.com


Banned Books Week: Celebrate the Freedom to Read with Brookens Library

On Saturday Sept. 24th, the National African American and Culture Museum opened in Washington, D.C.   It will stand as a testament to the fortitude of those who refused to be annihilated physically, emotionally and spiritually.   179 more words


Weekendcoffeeshare - It's About Timing

If we were having coffee, I’d be in a big rush. “It’s all about the timing,” I’d say.

Or maybe it’s fate. I’m not sure. These aren’t situations I’ve created. 392 more words



Image: Budi Satria Kwan

14:1 –  “EVOLUTION

Evolution has been instrumental to developments in science, industry, evolutionary biology, artificial intelligence, posthuman and technological advances, spirituality, relationships, and even the historical progression of “mind.” How does the idea of evolving, in its many possible forms, translate into poetry? 16 more words


Weekendcoffeeshare-Video Tales

If we were having coffee I’m sure I’d eventually end up talking about the video. “Video? I thought you were a writer,” you might ask. 618 more words


Dear Brock Turner

Ahh, freedom. Feels good, doesn’t it? While majority of America (and maybe even the rest of the word) loathes your miserable existence, I can’t help but wonder how you spent your first night home. 537 more words

Open Letter