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Undoing of the man behind India’s Most Wanted

Every man reaching the pinnacle of success one day falls from grace and acclaimed TV producer, Suhaib Ilyasi has been no different.

Convicted in the murder of his own wife, Suhaib shouted out loud in court that he was victim to injustice meted out to him. 763 more words

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Less than 1% Justice being delivered by Indian courts says Prashant Bhushan

Rajeev Yadav and Shahnawaz Alam have been fighting a lonely battle to document hate speech and advocating for terror suspects booked in false cases for the past decade. 1,105 more words

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Before Virat, this Skipper too got smitten by the beauty of an onscreen goddess

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Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have finally tied the knot for a better and more glorious future together. Virat becomes the second skipper of the Indian team to get into holy matrimony with a bollywood diva. 491 more words

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#MuslimLivesMatter: Lucknow’s Silent Mutiny to save Muslim Lives

Ironical though it may seem just as the sun set a stone’s throw away from the BJP headquarters at the heart of Hazratganj in Shaan e Awadh on a Sunday evening, a silent revolution was seen unfolding. 753 more words

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An artistic flicker of HOPE at Lucknow's Kalasrot

Hope – the perspective of real seeing an exhibition of drawings, paintings and sculptures by contemporary artists is on at the Kala Srot Gallery which brings together unique artistic talent from across India all under one roof. 306 more words

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Amrita - Sahir: An Affair to Remember

Garam Hawa fame, MS Sathyu’s Amrita – A Sublime Love Story is a play written by Danish Iqbal which tells you love is not for the faint hearted and more importantly some of the gifted and celebrated more often than not live a life where their desires have to take a back seat, foremost of them is love. 741 more words

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राजस्थान के पाली में श्रद्धा के पात्र 350cc के बुलेट बाबा भी हैं पूजनीय

भारत देश में माना जाता है की 33 क्रोर देवी देवताओं का वास है. हर भारतीय धरम के नाम पर किसी भी हद तक जा सकता है.

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