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Jacobus Van't Hoff: Imagination and Science

The name of this blog was taken from Einstein’s famous quote, “The process of scientific discovery is, in effect, a continual flight from wonder.”

The general idea here is to convey some of the basic wonders inherent in Earth science discoveries as best this layperson can. 582 more words

Geoscientist Of The Week

Northeast Edmonton investigation tied to missing persons case: police

Homicide detectives have been leading a mysterious investigation in northeast Edmonton, where residents say a van left parked in the area was towed away earlier this week before a police tent was erected. 664 more words


How does Sam do it ?

Coming to the end of the 2017 season there were an unprecedented number of teams needing quarterbacks and a load of veteran quarterbacks hitting the free agent market.  604 more words


The Reason He Cries

Urizen is ultimately weeping about the same thing: the emergence of Los, or, revolution of the peoples through the ashes of long forgotten imaginations. His rule over the world is coming to an end, which is why in “Africa”, he “gave it into the hands of Newton & Locke” (110); “it“ being the ideology of reason. 174 more words

William Blake's Reception

From Singularities to Black Hole Mechanics: Hawking's Scientific Endeavour

The most recognizable scientist of our times has, sadly, left us this week. Stephen Hawking ushered in fundamental contributions in physics and cosmology and greatly revolutionized our understanding of black holes. 1,720 more words


The Multi-Verse Theory

Something to wonder is whether the multiverse is a possibility.

I’m not an expert so I’ll try put my viewpoints simply and hopefully in a way that is right too. 382 more words

All In One


My latest work was a commission for a good friend in NC. He loves the old VW Bus’s. Enjoy!