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Moon, Sun Or Both About Equally

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The Moon is most responsible for Earth’s tides. Which pulls more strongly on the Earth and its oceans?

A) Moon

B) Sun… 86 more words


Blending Science with Philosophy- Part 1

Skepticism is good. In order to know the answer , you need to question. Our sages in the Vedic period were great skeptic and so they spend their lifetime in search of knowledge, light or truth and achieved a lot. 349 more words


The body is lowered into a deep pit.

What will happen to the force of gravity acting on the body by the Earth, if the body is lowered into a deep pit? 103 more words


How do you calculate g?

Newton’s law of universal gravitation states  

where: F is the force between the masses, G is the gravitational constant, M1 is the first mass, M2 is the second mass, and R is the distance between the centers of the masses. 58 more words


Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation

Newton knew that the force that caused the apple’s acceleration (gravity) must be dependent upon the mass of the apple. And since the force acting to cause the apple’s downward acceleration also causes the earth’s upward acceleration (Newton’s third law), that force must also depend upon the mass of the earth. 167 more words

Newton's Law Of Universal Gravitation

Isaac Newton Discovers the Law of Gravity

English scientist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton derives the law of universal gravitation. This discovery, considered one of the greatest intellectual achievements of modern science, explains how an unseen force known as gravity affects all bodies in space and on earth. 17 more words

Isaac Newton