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Flat Earth Week, Day 7: Water We Going To Do About It?

All things must come to an end, except for Earth, which does not have ends because it is not flat.  We have reached the final day of Flat Earth week. 1,169 more words

Gravitational Waves

The video in this link describes in a simple manner the consequences of the  recently announced discovery of Gravitational Waves.  Their existence is final proof that… 275 more words


If the solar system were reduced

If all the linear dimensions of the solar system were reduced in some proportion, then what will be the length of Earth’s year? 251 more words

Interesting Physics

A Satellite Orbits The Moon

Image Credit: NASA Ames/Dana Berry

A satellite orbits the Moon in a circular orbit. The radius of the Moon is 1.74×10^6 m , the mass of the Moon is 7.35×10^22 kg. 143 more words