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A Moncler promo pic. Went to the Guggenheim museum with my friend, which was cool, but I am not too fond of very contemporary art. It was also freezing this day. 21 more words


A Week in New York City

I spent a week in NYC September of 2016, first with my family and then staying a few days at my sister’s place (she was doing an internship there for Google for the summer), before I headed directly off to a 3 month trip to Spain. 3,565 more words


Favorite sweetgreen salad right now

Kale, romaine, double apples, basil, beets, two eggs and squash. Dressing: olive oil. Best combo ever from sweetgreen salad. sweetgreen.com

Artsy "Instagram worthy" places in NYC

Hey everyone,

Lately, some of my close friends, colleagues, and families have been asking me where I go to take my Instagram pics and so for today’s blog I decided to share some cool artsy places I’ve been to so far in New York City. 346 more words

The Bedford Ave Polar Bear, Ienna Cruz

Probably one of the busier subway stops in Williamsburg is the Bedford Ave L stop – where Federico Massa aka Iena Cruz painted this polar bear mural for Martin Miller’s Gin. 77 more words


Hall of Magic - The Magicians!!!

My boyfriend, Colin, and I are pretty much obsessed with The Magicians. When we found out there was an exhibit (promoting the second season) in New York, we had to go! 65 more words