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Today, I went to a food festival hosted by Famous Food Festival, a traveling organization based in NYC that provides both new and well known vendors a chance to showcase their creative and delicious works of art while bringing together their local community. 275 more words

I Still Haven't Watched

In this moment in our world, it is possible to find out about any major event almost instantly. Thousands of people can watch an event live or see released footage in moments. 164 more words

It's such a fabulous day in #newyorkcity any fun plans tonight?... #newyorkcity #r...

It’s such a fabulous day in #newyorkcity any fun plans tonight?… #newyorkcity #rooftopbarsnyc #nyclife #nycnightlife Follow Us On Instagram @rooftopbarsnyc

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Chronicles of a Nail Biter

Do you bite your nails?

I’ve been either biting mine or trying to not bite mine for as long as I can remember. In fact, one of my earliest memories as a kid is of my mother telling me that if I kept biting my nails and swallowing them, I would get appendicitis and die. 974 more words


What Do I Want?

Whenever I get asked this question in nearly any context, I have a bit of hesitation. This should be the one question that should not produce any hesitation whatsoever since there is no such thing as a right or wrong answer. 105 more words


​Hi there!

I wanted to take this first post to introduce myself to the blog world. My name is Marena and STILEDnyc is a lifestyle blog focused on the pages you see above; beauty, life, style, health, and home. 592 more words


Titanic Survivor's Bizarre Journal (PART THREE)

Hello lads and lassies. Back again with another Titanic segment. There’s this one plus two more, so we’re getting along. I still can’t believe these little missives fell into MY hands, after so many years. 439 more words