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Two Photographers Who Have Never Met Collaborate From The Other Side Of The World: The International Collaboration Project

The digital world has truly changed the way we interact, create and connect. As artists it has opened up unlimited possibilities in how we express ourselves and how we spread our message to the world. 3,095 more words

New Zealand Forest Recreation

A snapshot from the fly-through for my 3rd year project. The scene recreates beautiful nature of New Zealand, featuring native plants like kauri, manuka, silver fern and nikau. 37 more words


4 French survive the collapse of a bridge in New Zealand

Four people are hiking across a bridge when the unthinkable happens. The bridge gives way and they find themselves in the river below.

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South Island Road Trip - Haast/Haast Pass

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The third day of our trip in South Island, we were incredibly unlucky and incredibly lucky.  Overnight, we were freedom camping in our vans on the Haast pass – a mountainous area that has one of the only routes to Queenstown on the west side of the island.  517 more words


Maternity Photos

We hummed and hahed about having maternity photos and in the end decided that it was best to do them regardless of how swollen and puffy I felt as we would never get to capture these moments with you again. 212 more words

Travel Wish List

We’re going to take this post to share our travel wish list, so basically the whole world! :) But, we’ll narrow it down to the top places that we want to visit (or at least the ones we can think of right now). 406 more words


Up Close and Personal

I’m by no means the country type, even though the majority of my family live on farms…somewhere in New Zealand (I’m quite sure where even!), so seeing these majestic horses everywhere throughout the Hawkes Bay is something else. 49 more words

Hawkes Bay