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Becoming a digital nomad......just a pipe dream or potential reality?

There is a huge trend at the moment with people reverting to digital nomadic lifestyles. And it sounds great, to just travel and work when you like, right? 759 more words


Recipe : Simple Guacamole

photo credit: Pinterest

So last weekend,(Sorry for the delay) had the pleasure of making a simple Guacamole with some corn tapas.
It’s cheap and simple dip with mostly fruit in it haha (avocados and tomatoes right?) 119 more words


Animals Are Now Sentient Beings;New Zealand Law

Earlier this month, a change was made to New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Amendment Bill stating that animals — like humans — are “sentient” beings. As reported in The Independent, the updated Act means it’s now a legal requirement for the citizens of New Zealand to “recognize animals as sentient.” Accordingly, “owners of animals, and persons in charge of animals, attend properly to the welfare of those animals.” The updated bill also makes it illegal to experiment on animals when testing cosmetic products. 720 more words

Changes In The Wind

Postcard from New Zealand

My idea of heaven was a house somewhere in the middle of the hustle and the bustle. I loved the conveniences of the city. I loved the movement and life. 202 more words


Jelajah South Island, New Zealand

Sebelumnya, mau disclaimer dulu ya.. Perjalanan kami di South Island, NZ kali ini adalah perjalanan winter di awal bulan Agustus 2017. You might see and find different things in another holiday season. 452 more words


I can't draw a bagel: Day 12/30

Lesson 12: Constructing with Cubes
We were at Fraser Highlands Retreat in NZ and you see my notes plotting our next adventures.


Facing my Fears — Bungy Jumping

I’m afraid of falling.

That sounds a little strange, I know, but it’s the best way I can describe my fear. Saying I’m afraid of heights is only partially true — it just doesn’t fully explain it. 1,533 more words