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Short add on

I still went out when I could my body could definitely handle it better, I had credit card debt but I didn’t care I just liked spending money. 222 more words


Younger Days

                                   I grew up well, Iv had both my mum and dad around they are still together to this day I have two sisters one younger and one older. 987 more words


New Zealand vs. America

Well, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I leave New Zealand in less than a week. That’s right, I’m going back to America! It is truly bittersweet. 1,959 more words


Favorites | Not a Kiwi

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By I Am Janosik


Life is, what it is!

I am sick and tired of looking at life and wished that things could have been different. Life is, what it is. This is my life, and I love my life. 461 more words