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If deathcore is dead, then what is the next big thing?

Some maybe proclaiming the time of deathcore is at its end. The once wonder child of the heavy music scene, to some, has suffered a slow decline in followers. 864 more words


J’Maurice New Track "Promise" On Next Big Thing

The remarkable, yet unsigned artist J’Maurice  also known as JaFeezie is a Multi-Talented Artist  who blends Pop, breath takingHip Hop with today’s R&B, producing some of the most exhilarating sounds.J’Maurice began his career at age a young Age of 14, at that time he would perform for his family and friends, before taking up small gigs, and he has continued on that path ever since, trying to make his way up to the top, his efforts has really begun to pay off, because when you talk about originality in both lyrics and sound, you see a lot of breathtaking music that brings you to the peak of elavation right from the start.

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Sports World

In order to thrive in this competitive market in terms of sales and sports one has to be right along with the next big trend. Energy drinks and extreme sports go hand in hand with one another. 153 more words

Beyond Energy Drinks

Are You Truly Ready For That New Level? 

You know, a magnet the size of my fist can very much atrract a bunch of keys. Hell! It can even attract a dozen bunches. But, do you know what it can’t attract? 307 more words

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J’Maurice New Track On Next Big Thing

This week we have a new track from J’Maurice, Dedication debuts in the 98th position in the list.

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This is a really interesting article, and the author may very well be right.  I concur with his take on Office Buildings, the way we all do business in the future may very well impact the office world, the “on demand space” as he calls it is very much here to stay in the near term.   32 more words


J'Maurice On Next Big Thing Playlist

Everybody’s life has love, hate and pain in it,” J’Maurice said. “Making music is my way of dealing with it, growing from it, and moving on.” 95 more words