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People Petting Zoo

Meet Philip K Dick, an “artificially” intelligent robot that seeks to humanize our future. Its creator fears that, if we do not attempt to show these inventions how to love us, then we may face our ultimate demise within them. 131 more words


An App You'll Be HOOKED on

Happy Sunday!!

Recently, I’ve been using a new app called HOOKED FASHION. This is literally the next big fashion app where you can follow others and see where they got that cute top or those must-have shoes! 80 more words


Review Of Die For Me By Amy Plum

This book is thefirst in a series by Amy Plum, an American writer now living in Paris. I had heard good things about her and  decided to give this book a whirl hand I’m glad I did. 239 more words

New Adult vs. Young Adult

New Adult Fiction is a new genre that has come about over the last several years. It’s often confused with Young Adult Literature, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 28 more words


New Music: Tory Lanez - Diego

Tory Lanez.

This guy is going to be absolutely everywhere by the end of the year.

Remember the name.


Finding Inspiration Again in an Old Flame

Tor Books is one of the largest, most successful science fiction and fantasy publishers in the world. Their authors include fantasy giants Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, Brandon Sanderson, and many others. 854 more words


Get Ready For "Student Success 2025" Brought To You By The "Still Has A Pulse" Vision Coalition

Vision 2012, er, uhm, Vision 2015, uh, Ed25, Vision 2025, whatever they are calling themselves these days is apparently still alive.  Now they are getting ready to launch Student Success 2025, brought to you, the audience that didn’t demand it, by the Vision Coalition.  288 more words