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The Next Big Thing - Drinking Apparatus

If you’re old and lame like I am, unable to keep up with the doo-dads and whizz-bangs of today’s youth culture and can’t understand why anyone would listen to Ariana Grande by choice then please be upstanding for the first in a multi-part series to help you keep on top of all of these vital things so that you can communicate with your surly adolescent children and their haircuts. 430 more words

New Zealand

Is FinTech the Next Big Thing or a Flavour of the Season?

Decoding the wildly exciting collaboration between Finance and Technology 

“Fintech is changing the finance sector just like the Internet changed the written press and the music industries.

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Rupesh Maheshwari

Start-up's made easy with Ello

Start-ups have become a huge part of the tech and marking world because it leads to new technology and ideas being generated in both industries. For content marketing purposes, it is important to create posts about things that relate to your industry in order to increase traffic to your startup’s website and generate leads to your products or services. 211 more words


Ello Embraces the Hype

Over the past few years Ello is creating lots of hype around the simplicity of content sharing and being able to express your creativity. Because of Ello’s efforts, it fits into the Garnet Hype cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising. 304 more words


Ello Poppet: How Ello Takes on Competers Like Facebook and Tumblr

If you’re tired of seeing lots of baby and animal ads on your feed, Ello is your next move. Ello is very similar to Facebook, but does not include the ads that are found all over other popular social media sites. 308 more words


Ello Targets the Arts

When Ello first came out in 2014, people assumed that this was going to be the “Facebook Killer”. This site opened to the public on an invite only basis and soon people grew disinterested in the site. 307 more words


Hello Ello, Goodbye Pinterest

When you think of picture blogging, the first blogging platform that comes to most people’s mind is Tumblr. Right now it is the most popular website building platform, and most organizations include Tumblr in their social media plans.   314 more words