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Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 - Part Two

Firstly, if you’re reading this without having read Part One, I suggest you get on that now, and not least because this is, like… 3,965 more words

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Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 - Part One

Yup, I’m going there! Because there’s nothing more likely to risk upsetting everyone than writing an Xbox One vs PS4 piece, and I am apparently  3,686 more words

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It's time to learn our roots

Now that Microsoft has announced in November that any of your old game you bought on the xbox live market during the 360 era or any xbox 360 games you own ( 423 more words

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Destiny: success in repetition

As I am writing these lines I am sitting in the Tower Watch starring across to the partially destroyed city beneath us. I am trying to figure out what this city is and how it ended up like this. 572 more words


The New State of Gaming

 I may have lost my cool in the middle  of this article.

The past year may have been one of the worst in gaming history. From massive amounts of hype ending in mediocre games, to remakes being broken from day one. 635 more words


What are some games for next gen to wait for?

This post will be made with Xbone(xbox one) and ps4 in mind PRIMARILY but if you have other games for wiiu and what not, please post them in the comments :) 128 more words


Zoo Tycoon (XBox One) - Video Game Review

Our poor old, overused XBox360 has been on its way out for months. The comatose load times, the arthritic gear grinding noises, the constipation of not letting go of the disc tray, and the narcoleptic system crashes have cumulatively resulted in the purchase of an XBoxOne. 280 more words