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First glimpse of the PS5?

On May 21st 2019 a video came out on Youtube showing us a comparison between the PS4 and the next generation(PS5) console. We’re not sure whether it was leaked or was given the green flag by Sony to be put up online.This clipping was from a Sony presentation in which both consoles were running Marvel’s Spiderman, and were being compared based on their load times. 106 more words


Bible Verse of the Day: 05/19/2019

A call to lead and to be the salt and light to the next generation. 🙏

A blessed Sunday, everyone! ❤


Ep 36 J. Warner Wallace: So the Next Generation Will Know

Detective J. Warner Wallace joins the show once again to discuss his new book, So the Next Generation Will Know, which he co-authored with Sean McDowell. 49 more words


Book Review: So The Next Generation Will Know

The fate of the rising generation scares the living daylights out of some people. For others, GenZ is a sign of hope for the future—especially for the church. 614 more words

Youth Ministry

Visions of the future

Every gamer must know this and it is almost certain that we are entering the last and final leg of the 8th generation consoles. Yeah, you read that right, we’re in the 8th gen of console gaming and most of us have only seen the second half . 380 more words


The abuse of Rivers

It is a fact that humans build their civilizations around water sources, after all, we need it to survive. Yet we continually abuse this precious resource. 300 more words