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MeToo, inclusion & freedom of speech

A year ago I fronted MeToo in global shipping. Based on the fact that no one had initiated the public debate, and a big and growing frustration from many young females in the industry, I chose to share some of my personal experiences, with specific ideas on a joint effort to create a more inclusive industry. 822 more words

Global Focus

Looks Like Social InSecurity To Me.... Your Friend, Bogo

Introducing Bogo with this posting…Bogo sees things differently because–after all–he is not human. One of the things he sees is that our political leaders have known about the looming financial crisis for Social Security for decades, but never get it fixed. 194 more words


What My Kids Taught Me About God - Part 4 (Prayer and Challenges)

Tomorrow, my youngest child will be 22.  It’s hard to believe!  I remember when she was just three and used a huge word in a sentence.    1,404 more words


((Presenting adult Sugar Surprise and Curly Kale!

Sugar Surprise is a quirky inventor with a lot of ideas and a boatload of creative talent. While she dabbles in baking and art as hobbies (though music’s a weak point, much to big sister Fudge’s disappointment), ultimately her main talents lie in mechanical work and science. 87 more words

Guarding the Minds of the Youth

Censorship Through the Eyes of Plato

In today’s world, the next generation is grabbing hold of things beyond their sanity. The censorship of media and technology is needing to play a bigger role in society. 887 more words

The 18 Year Agenda - 1.0

This blog has been quiet for a few weeks, but there has been some heavy-duty work going on in the background. I have been puzzling over the question of what a time traveler from 2036–one of the next generation of voters who was born in 2018–would say we  4,342 more words


Springfield DJ's Shamar Martin and Justin Riggins expand their business, Next Genna Sounds

Danny Priest

Music holds a special power in the modern world – the power to connect people and make them move. To bring people together. 1,820 more words